?? Who's going to Toronto Thursday ??

With Edmonton losing the Tiger-Cats are still in it !!
The Game Thursday at Rogers Centre is the Biggest game of the year.

Lets make it a Home game for our Ticats :thup: :thup:

HAd my tickets 2 weeks ago, I said 6 games ago, it will come down to this game on Thursday Night! Section 127, there is a bunch of us heading down on the 3pm Go Bus and heading to the spaghetti factory for a earlier dinner then to the game! Lets try and fill the 3pm Go Bus up with Cat Fans. GO CATS GO!!! :rockin:

I bet if you all really tried, you could take over the stadium better than rider fans do.

Really want to go, but I am on call.

Hope Cats fans are loud and help get a victory so I can be there on the 11th!!

It would be sweet if we could take over half the stadium for the playoffs..

We will be there for sure!

Every game I’ve been to the last 5 years at the Rogers Centre, the Ti-Cat fans have been louder then the Argo’s! :rockin:

I'll be there. I live 10 minutes away, and honestly its easy getting tickets. Scalper - 20 - bucks - good to go!

Go cats go!

I'm not going. Every Cat's game I have ever attended in 'the bowl' the Cats have lost. Not just lost either but blown out loss. Preseason, season or one post season - same result.

So I will stay home and cheer from a distance.

I will be there!


GF, daughter & I will be in attendance with cowbells in hand & decked out in black & gold!

Apparantly Cats Claws (Carol Rose) is putting together a Bus Trip to the game.

For information and reservations, please contact trip co-ordinator Carol Rose at 905-664-6117 or email crose2@cogeco.ca

Not going to the game on Thursday: Ricky Ray (http://www.torontosun.com/2012/10/27/ar ... t-outdoors)

Yup ! It's confirmed, $55.00 gets you a ticket and a bus ride. Pretty Good Deal :thup:


can't go on afternoons would have called in sick if toronto had lost on sat night but there are too many obstacles still out there with hoping that calgary will come out on top against edmonton in edmonton