Who's going to the Moncton game???

I'll be there... With friggin' bells on. I will be leaving from Bath ON (near Kingston, for you Rob Bagg fans). I'm already figuring out my route on Google... I can't wait!!!

Love to go but not sure about the vac schedule right now, should be great, the first regular season game out east!

If the Cats are the visitors I will try and go. If the Cats are the home team for the following year I will definitely go.

I doubt it will be the Ticats. One of the best draws at Rogers Centre. They wouldn't want to lose that gate. I bet it's the Lions, Stamps or Esks. The tougher draws at Rogers.

Nothing packs a stadium in Canada like a game with the Riders !!!!!

Which is why I don't think Toronto would want to move that game eighther. They have very few good draws and riders would be second to Hamilton IMO.

I think they said it would definitely be a western team... The Riders would be great, but I'm guessing it will be BC or Edmonton. No matter who it is, it will be a lot of fun!

I think they said the Cat's would not be playing in Moncton this year, although I cannot be sure.

See you on Oct. 31st? :smiley:
I'm gunna look for some Rider fans at the game, I wanna sit next to them. The two greatest fanbases in the league united in a battle of the Titans 8)
Wouldn't have it any other way