Who's going to the Grey Cup?

Grey Cup is being hosted in Vancouver this year. I'm just wondering who's going? It would be really cool if one night we could all gather at a local establishment have a few and talk football. If people were interested I would love to organize a time and place for a meeting.

First place all the regulars go is Spirit of Edmonton to meet up.


Too expensive

You don’t need to go to the game, I’m thinking just a meeting and a beer or two or three, or whatever I think it would be cool if we all got together and just have a meet and greet.

Sounds great ! I'm planning on taking a couple of days off for the festivities.

Always wondered why this great idea has never taken off.
Met a lot of people at Spirit of Edmonton, but hard to tell who is from this site without asking everyone you meet.

At this time I am having a hard time justifying the cost. Not just for the game but hotels, flights, etc. Never say never but it doesn't look good for this year. :thdn:

Hopfully the cup is a complete flop so that next year the prices are more reasonable

I wouldn't hold my breath on that one...

Wow, thanks Mr. Sunshine.

I have been to most of the past 15 Grey Cups but have only attended the actual game 7 or 8 times. At it's core, the game is another football game and if your team's not in it, it's lost a lot of it's luster. Not to mention the fact that tickets are expensive and if I am faced with the prospect of spending $300+ on a single ticket sometimes hanging in a bar with friends is a more enjoyable (and cheaper, albeit drunker) choice, especially if the weather is nasty.

The attraction for me has always been the festivities surrounding the game (Spirit of Edmonton room being a central element of that), reconnecting with old friends and ex teammates and enjoying a good road trip. I live in Vancouver and will be attending the Spirit room for sure..as for the game...we'll see!

And, sorry Mr. Sunshine...it'll be anything but a flop but I'm sure that won't stop you from watching...

If the Bombers get in, I just might go :lol:

I will commit to that as well! :cowboy:

My girlfriend and I are flying to Victoria for couple of days and taking the boat to Vancouver on Friday. Friday night we'll be at the HOF induction party. Not really planning on any other paid events other than the game, so the SoE venue is where we'll likely be...if we can get in.

How about anybody in Vancouver want to meet up for the semi finals tomorrow?

My plan is to head down to my local watering hole Toby's before noon and catch the 2nd half of BC/Als before the Riders/Esks go toe to toe. I have another friend who if gets off work early enough will try to make it down. Also there are a couple of girls on the staff there who are Rider fans - but don't be discouraged we're all friendly and welcome all colors.

So if you feel so inclined post here or just drop in. I'll be easy to spot. I might even bring my banjo along.

Toby's on Commercial between 11th and 12th. Just two blocks south of Broadway Skytrain station.

Mrs MadJack and I will be in Vancouver for the Grey Cup

I will gladly exchange some grammar lessons for a beer are two MJ :wink:

Still thousands of tickets still available. I'm sure if you wait untill just before game time you can get them for $50 or $100 bucks on Stub Hub.

I thought this was gonna be a predictions thread. :lol: It's a cool idea, but not living in a CFL city makes it difficult. If Hamilton hosts, I might go. Only an hour drive. Anywhere else, probably not.

If Sask does not get in do not worry there will be lots of ticket available.

Not. B.C.