Who's going to the game and where d'ya sit?

My wife and I have season tickets.

We sit in section 206. The seats are great and the group surrounding us is great too

We totally see the whole game. I can practically see who's about to be open.

Plus, my camera can zoom in ridiculously close.

So pumped for 2011 season!

im on the sunny side with season tix, about 40 y5 yard line, row 29. To me they are ideal seats. Closer than row 20 makes it hard to see all of the action...though it would mean the concession dudes would make it to us before selling out more frequently.

Uh, I wish I was a season ticket holder. Does that count in this thread? In the meantime, I am going to the closest stadium near me - i.e. Molson Percival in Montréal and will be in section Q when the riders come to town. Doin' what I can :slight_smile:

Leading the Rider contingent across the nation is a large responsibility :stuck_out_tongue:


I sit on the West side just under the over hang of the 2nd deck. Perfect as when it rains I usually stay dry depending on the wind. Good seats to see the action unfold as well.

Section 22. Lovin' it!

Hey, jm, long time no see! Did you move to Regina or are you making the trek from PA now for every game/most games/some games?

Hi i got tickets in Section C for the labour day game and i was wondering if anyone has sat there and how are they, where they are actually located because the seating chart shows right beside section B and 2 but when i watch the game i dont see them. Hope they are just adding them in and tickets exist,but if not what would happen? BTW i bought them from the rider site

Sec 42 row 15. About the 35 yd line. Great seats

I vaguely remember a discussion about that very section last year spawned by basically the same inquiry by someone else. I recall quite distinctly though that they were said to be quite good seats, close to the action, right beside the tunnel/helmet where the riders come out. The word then was that they wouldn't be dissappointed. Hopefully the same applies to you.

I'm trekking. Hopefully it will be every game, but most for sure...

Thats great to hear, Its tickets to the labour day classic so i know for sure it will be a great game no matter where the seats are. I was just worried they didnt exist :lol: , but thanks for the reply :smiley: