Who's going to the Eastern Final?

I just picked up my tickets this morning - still plenty on Ticketmaster at good prices.

7 day forecast has the temperature just below zero.

Nothing better than beating the Argos at home on the way to the Grey Cup!


Just bought 12

39 bucks each through a Rep

Go right to the Eggos ticket office…and avoid the hassle


What section?

I called my ticket rep for a friend who was looking for specific tickets in our section.

No Go.

But apparently lots of tix in the 2nd level.


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I also just bought 6 tickets in section 110, row 23. $40 bucks each, can't beat it! Tickets appear to be going pretty quickly since we won on Sunday.


Rows 12 and 13

Go Cats Go!

I'll be there, section 108. This is easily my most anticipated CFL game I've ever attended. A win sends us to a home Grey Cup which I also have tickets for. Let's pack that stadium and drown out the Argos fans!


For me, it was the 1989 Grey Cup...

Got my tickets today as well. Ticat fans have to make the team feel they are at home. The team needs to play like they are at home.

Cats have not fared well at BMO this year and have not won a road playoff game probably since 2013 at the skydome. Thanks to Rob Ford.(RIP)

Question: Does BMO still have that field issue (turf in the end zones with natural grass elsewhere), or have they got around to fixing it?

Same issues.

If I recall some players were slipping in the endzone only during games at BMO with inclement weather. The cleats for soft grass have less grip on artificial turf. Especially when wet or frozen.


I'll be there thanks to being given tickets


Check, group of 12…been to all ticat games at bmo this year…look for the big Argos suck banner


Can you change it MLSE sucks ...lol

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Better yet just change it to "Randy Bobandy Sucks"

I am sure we will be told to take it down like last time, or we will be barred from bringing in noise makers to BMO field like the the first game this year.

Get there early

Does anyone expect MLSE to have extra staff at the Gates to handle the crowd size?

Or the Concessions?

I must admit the concessions were outstanding at BMO field compared to all of 2021 at THF. No more than 5 min wait for beer, popcorn or a sandwich.
I have missed half of a third quarter waiting for popcorn at THF...and they run out of certain foods in 1st quarter.

With respect to security....I guess they weren't expecting a passionate crowd from the Hammer.
Soccer opposition is kinda woosy for TFC.