Who's going to PUNT friday?

:? :?

who do you think is?

I'm guessing Pat Fleming.

But the real question is: WHICH Pat Fleming? The pro kicker, or Captain Shank?

me!! :lol:

wasnt mike morrealle osbaldisons backup a while ago?

ya mike was the back up a few years ago but i hope they will let mark myers punt before we go to morealle

Hopefully someone that is coordinated enough to connect the foot with the ball.


Definately not me!

First thing is lets get the snaps to him so he has absolutly no excuses.

as soon as he starts punting under 30 yards per, i'm putting in my application dammit.

heck, I'll put in mine when he hits 35

I'm out. I'm lucky I can connect foot to floor.

Yes, he kicked in Montreal when Ozzie was hurt and got some decent YAL… a new Acronym for Yards After Landing, unless a term already exists in the Stats world…


Pat Fleming did a good job tonight. Good work!