Who's going to Ottawa for the EDF?

with the game already being a sellout, I'm so thankful I bought my tickets last week. the 3 of us (including my 16 yr old son) will be driving up Saturday and then hopefully headed to the stadium a couple hours early. where is the place to hang for Cats fans? I'm hoping for somewhere close to TD Place, that we can walk to. maybe the TiCats will organize something??? :wink:

It's in the works.

Lots of parking on Banks Street and an easy, safe, walk to the Stadium. In fact, if you have your tickets, you can park anywhere and ride the bus for free, just like in Hamilton. Go on the TD Place link from the RB's web page, plug in your parking spot and it will give directions on bus stops and transit bus to take. Just a warning, buses looked packed full after the game.

Restaurants near the stadium looked to fill up quickly after game, we had to walk a Km or two to find one with room, and it filled up quickly.

We had a good time last week, give them an Oskee-Wee-Wee for us next week!

University is a great place to park and take free shuttle.

Same tour company as last time? I missed buying a ticket, figuring there'd probably be a few single seats left. :frowning: I'm on the waiting list, but no guarantee. With any luck at all, there'll be a bunch released by Toronto fans / tours. But if not....

May I suggest the Hometown Sports Bar on Banks St. which is about ten minutes from the stadium. There will be a few Ticat fans plus the Southsiders from Ottawa in there. Good food and a large decent seating area. No need to walk to the game because they have a free bus shuttle service to the stadium and back after the game which runs every 15 minutes. Park for free and take the shuttle bus.

I bought 4 tickets on Stubhub right after the field goal on Sunday (from my seat at THF on my mobile device), thinking that they'd be gone quickly, but there are lots of good seats still available.... and they're not outrageously expensive.
My seats are mid-field row 17 - only $25 over face-value!

See you at the Hometown Grill!

BTW, ran into Speedy and Sink in a restaurant in the Byward Market after the last game in Ottawa - probably head back there after the game on Sunday to <positive_thinking> celebrate </positive_thinking>.

Lots of tickets on Stub Hub for Sunday in Ottawa.
Weather forecast 4C mix of rain & snow SW 25K wind .
Low minus 1 Sun evening,same forecast for Edmonton Alberta Western Final weather except they get sun & plus 2.Pretty warm for Nov 22nd in Edmonton.Often minus 10-20 in late November.

I'm not going without Maxima tours!

Every year I book my vacation around the Grey Cup. The week before and the week after. I decided a month or so ago to fly into YYZ the week before GC so I could attend the EDF at THF. When the game turned out to be in Ottawa, I booked a hotel where I can cancel if the Cats did not make it. But they did. So, in the last few minutes of the semi final game, I went onto the devil aka ticketmaster's web site and selected one of the few remaining seats. (Lots of choices for single seats.) Within a minute of the game winning FG, I was printing out my ticket.

I'm also going to the Grey Cup with a couple of other guys. they already have their tickets so I need a single. face value is really expensive. with the amount of tickets still available and no Bombers or Roughriders, I don't think there would be a problem getting a single below face value. it's either off a scalper at the game or off a site like stubhub. what are people's experiences with stubhub. I'm generally nervous in this age of being able to print tickets multiple times.

To all that are going...


8) "mass_fan", you are completely safe in dealing with Stubhub !!
   I have used them several times in the past for buying hockey tickets and have never had a problem.
   Just 2 months ago I purchased 2 tickets for the Blackhawks in Buffalo in December.
    2 seats, Preferred Level 1, Row 4, directly behind the Blackhawk bench,  total cost = $449.00.

    For just one time a year, I am happy with that price, considering the great location of the seats !!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

Scott Mitchell ?@ticatmitchell 2h2 hours ago
TigerTown, if you're wearing black & gold in Ottawa on Saturday night, join the @ticats staff at the Heart & Crown Irish Pub in the market.

i called the Heart & Crown (67 Clarence location) and it starts at 8pm. unfortunately beginning at 9pm, you have to be 19yrs old to stay. i'm bringing my 16 yr old son so....we have an hour.

just letting people know in case you're in the same boat.

I was planning on going to Ottawa this weekend, but some former double blue guy kicked a field goal with no time on the clock and now my Argos will not be in Ottawa, and thus, I will not be there either.
Was thinking about going to cheer for the Ticats, but decided to pass on it.

Its probably for the best we dont need anyone putting the jinx on our club