Who's going to Montreal this weekend?

My wife and I will be sitting in section "S2" for Sunday's game. (upper tier behind Cats bench).
It's our first football trip to Montreal and we are hoping to connect with some fans before and/or after the game.
We are staying downtown for the weekend. Where are the usual hang outs, or is there a tailgate area at the stadium?

Oskee Wee Wee

Would love to go but wallet says no hit catherine street lots of pubs etc don’t go early to the game nothing at the stadium oh cheer loud have thick skin cuz there fans like to rub it in when things go right and be ready to drink molson ex beer but all n all its a good time ENJOY

We are going, I just PM you.

tc23 - Got your message and replied buddy

as for the Montreal fans, my wife speaks fluent french. I think we'll play it cool and let them have their fun for the first half, then speak french to them at half time just to get a reaction. We'll be cheering loud and proud.

Go Cats

The girlfriend, myself, a buddy, and his girlfriend are also heading down. We're sitting behind the Cats bench. Heading down tomorrow morning if any fans want to hook up for a drink or to make the trek to the stadium as a group.

Heading down for a third straight year. Each of the previous two trips ended in heartbreak (two points losses). Hopefully this year is different.

I've had nothing but positive experiences in Montreal with their fans. They actually seem like a very friendly bunch, as strange as that may sound.

Our tickets are in section T1 row 14. Anyone close to us?

Going to Montreal to see game at Molson stadium for first time ( won pair of tickets on full tilt poker). Don't know where seats are, but looking forward to a great game. :smiley:

Im in Row 10

Don't forget to pass by the tailgate on the east side of the stadium hosted by 'Les Gars Qui Vivent' and try their pulled pork. They're there as early as 10 AM usually if not earlier.

Good trip, Montreal games are always fun!!! Molson stadium is defiantly 1 of a kind that suits the Montreal niche. If you are looking to buy souvenirs at the stadium, take a look around and buy close to games end, they love to negotiate prices that are not set in stone.
If your in the mood for smoked meat, you can do worse than Schwartz's (world famous), which is near the stadium or Dunn's in the downtown area... fantastic food!!
Hope your cardio is up to snuff... very hilly closer to the stadium

Too bad your not going, we're going to miss all the noise you bring on Defence !!

I hear ya tc23, we always cause havoc in the stands... so much so that the Als fans buy us drinks to show their appreciation as good CFL fans to good CFL fans!! Very passionate and very classy fans!!.... Except for the 2011 Eastern Semi-Finals game at the BIG-O.... after the game... look out! :slight_smile:

Let’s hope you guys got drunk by half time and missed the second half. I bet the Als fans were happy, they now have a good chance to host the semi!!

"Who's going to Montreal this weekend?" Apparently, the 2007 Hamilton Tiger-Cats.