Who's going to host the Western Semi-Final?

Saskatchewan or Calgary?


Are you really that stupid?...oh never mind. :slight_smile:

i cant imagine another team but sask hosting it...sasks remaining games:

burris-less calgary
ray-less eskimos

sask should win the next 4 straight then rest starters against toronto, giving them a record of 12-6.

not to mention, the burris-less stamps are against the bombers 2 in a row after this week, so the riders should really pull away from the stumps.

Hamilton will give Them Fight at Home.
Ticats Should win There .
But They lose back in Ridervile..
I see Saskatchewan Losing To Toronto.
Riders Should win 3 of the next 5.

I wouldnt say hte Ticats should win at home... There is no reason the Riders should lose

Even without a reason teams still lose. It just sort of creeps up on you as we all have found out. However, the Riders should be there. Calgary is in real tough.

Riders will probably host but I don't think they'll finish first in the West for the first time since 1971. That will have to wait.

Definitely the Riders. The team has all but earned it for their fans, they just have to carry the momentum of victory into their final stretch.

...and then Burris will be back for the semi, and the Stamps will win the semi and go on to BC Place, and lose in the Final...

Hard to say...any thing can happen in the CFL. The Tabbies could be spoilers...it has happened before. The way the QB's are dropping..it isn't over 'til the fat lady sings.

The riders will likely be hosting BC in the western final. If Burris comes back in time, they will lose to Calgary and likely Hamilton.
It will be the curse Casey coming back to haunt Wally B.

Not likely, Mike...I don't think there's any way BC gets knocked out of first now, particularly with their upcoming schedule...it's second or third for the Riders...

While I agree the odds of it happening are slim, the possibility does exists.

It's also possible that a certain BC supporter has an entire year of boast-free posts, but I'm not betting on that, either...lol

Anything can happen, yes, but I'm pretty sure it's a fight for second at this point.

Riders should be happy going for second this year. It's better than a lot of people expected at the beginning of the season.

First place is not out of the question yet. If BC stumbles and loses a couple down the stretch, and the Riders win their remaining games, first is still within reach. It likely wont happen, but the possibility is there that it can happen. If I were you, I would be more worried that the Lions are peaking now, and may have a bad game at the worst possible time.

Love the peaking argument. Some fans will try anything to bring others down. We already went through our trouble stretch with our QB's getting injured and going winless in three games in the middle of the season.

The peaking argument went out the window last year in my opinion. Many said we peaked too early and look where that got them.

You'd know a lot about trying to bring down others as that is mostly what you do, now isn't it?

As for the peaking too early debate, it does happen, so I am sure Wally will be doing what he can to assure not this year.
As for last year, who ever said the Lions peaked too early last year?
The Lions were on fire heading to the play-offs last year and playing better than they are right now.
Looks to me like they were playing their best football at exactly the right time last year.
We won't know if that is the case this year for several more weeks....personally, if the Lions are playing their best football right now...then that isn't going to be good enough.

As for finishing first or second, obviously losing that last game to BC made first highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened.
If we beat Calgary on Monday, then 2nd is all but locked up.
BC could easily split with Edmonton, and with Burris back, and playing in Calgary last week of the season, I think there is no reason to not hold out some hope, slight though it is.

If it doesn't happen though, the world won't come to an end.

They didn't look like a team peaking in Wpg to me, a lot of room for improvement yet.

Sask will host the WSF and win it, setting up yet another Rider/Lion final.