Who's going to Halifax?

I'm a Ticat fan and I won't miss this year's kick off to the season in Halifax.

It's a great chance for fans across the league to kick off the season in style!

Ya can't beat Haligonian hosptiality!

Whose with me?!!!


I'll hopefully be going unless they sell out again before I can get tickets.

I live really close. (I know I posted this before). I live in the area in the blue circle, SMU which is were the game is being played is the purple block in the red circle, and Shannon Park, the area the proposed commonwealth games site will be, is the green block in the green circle.

trying to convince the wife....

If you are coming, how far are you traveling?

from Qc city, its a day ride in car i think...

:oops: Here we go again;
                                 Teasing the locals who are trying desperatly for a

real bite of the apple.Maybe McCain's could spend a buck to allow sports to flourish.
Take Care

My girlfriends going whether she likes it or not.

thata boy!

Well i wont make it to Halifax. I lost a battle but not the war. I have open a new front, i now try to bargain a trip to see a game in Hamilton or Ottawa.

I originally wanted to go since the Al's are playing....but after doing the math, that trip would cost me around 900$ (flight, hotel, booze, game, ect...),Ii'd rather keep that $ for the Grey Cup in Winnipeg....