Who's going to Grey Cup

Was just wondering how many members are going to Grey Cup. Who has been to the most Grey Cups, most often, consecutive times etc

Faloney has been at Grey Cup 1996 Hamilton in the snow, missed 97, made 98 Winnipeg and each Grey Cup since. Great to meet people got to know over the years. Group of 6 of us make it a party with me travelling out of the North - Nunavut


All the CFL.ca posters who go at the game should meet during one of the teams' parties. You could then post pictures in here, showing all the fun you had with "the Huddlite Community".

Ive gone to Grey Cup Vancouver and Now Winnipeg but im looking to make it a tradition from now on.

unfortunately there is no accomodation left anywhere near winterpeg as of 1 month ago. A shame as lots of us would come at the last minute. Like late xmas shoppers there are lots of late Grey cuppers.
have fun all who are lucky enough to attend!

That’s an interesting idea. I wonder if that Kanga guy would make a guest appearence?

I'd love to go but I can't