Who's going to be QB next season?

Is Kerry Joseph coming back next season or is Jesse Palmer in the Glieberman's plans to be the #1 QB? I know in BC, most likely Casey Printers is leaving the club. If his NFL career search doesn't work out, maybe , just maybe he might find his way out here with the Renegades. Another QB that comes to mind is Jason Maas. Do you think he has enough patience to continue to be the #2 QB in Edmonton? Ottawa might be an option for him, hopefully :wink: !!!! Let's hope the Gliebermanns make the right choices in the offseason.

I would love to see Maas or Printers here, but I would like to see Joseph kept as a back-up. Either way , Ottawa needs an O-Line. :!:

Yes, O-Line should be their first priority

Doubt it’s possible to keep Joseph as a back up. Would mean a significant pay reduction. Doesn’t make much sense to pay your back up six-figures either.

I’d like to see Brad Banks get a real shot, assuming he stays healthy. If we could have a guy like Tim Couch come in to try out, I’d be all for it.

Palmer? No thanks. Especially if reports on what he’d want in salary are anywhere close to true.

JOSEPH is a top qb you guys have to keep him and ranek, thats the ehart and soul , and build around them

I don't know. Even with a poor o-line, some of those short-hop pass attempts, not to mention an inability to read defenses, don't make me too confident in Joseph. Two years ago, Joseph was injured, so the team had an excuse for the losing. This year, he just couldn't put it together. Plain and simple. Couldn't get the job done.

Not sure how much more patience the 'Gades can afford to see if this guy will take the next step. It may well be that he just doesn't have that 'next step' in him.

i personnally love him as a QB only prob is WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO WOODCOCK THE PAST 2 SEASONS

Judge him after he has an actual Offensive Line in front of him

Nope. Tired of making excuses for the guy. Why is it that he could do it for the first half of the season and then couldn't do much of anything the rest of the way? You can put SOME of that on a poor o-line, but definitely not ALL of it. Joseph didn't step up and play the way he needed to, plain and simple.

Fair enough with Joseph comments but I have to agree I have to say that I've found him to be poor @ reading d's... He's an amazing running and passing qb but his reading is avg.

The best scenario would be to have them get really solid @ the oline and this team could be in the playoffs...

Good comments MM, couldn't agree more. He needs to limit his mistakes. If he does this he can be a star, but he also needs a decent O line.

Andre Ware played for Ottawa, Toronto and who? I've read he played for 3 CFL teams? Thanks for any leads or answers, BS95F

As I recall it was only the 2 teams you mentioned.... I just did some research and can find no evidence that he played with anyone other than the 'Riders and the Argos...... Anyone else?

Joseph would be an amazing qb if he actually had an o-line and some decent receivers. I'd keep him for next season.

I can't stand the thought of Jospeh returning. The best way to describe him was in the Ottawa Sun. DJT(Daily Josepeh Turnover), he cost us a number of games, and just doesnt seem to be able to make throws. I really hope that we could somehow land Printers, and failing that give Brad Banks a year to prove himself.