Who's going to be good this year? Who will be bad?

Good: Bombers and Lions :thup:

Bad: Riders and Alouettes :thdn:

I think I am going to be pretty good this year

...only Santa knows for sure....

Good: Lions Stamps Bombers Hamilton
Improved: Edmonton
Bad: Als Riders

good. Bombers, Leos
Improved. Tabbies, Esks
Bad. Als, Riders.

Good: cheerleaders
Bad: Marty York

good - B.C., Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Calgary's offence
bad - Edmonton, Montreal, Hamilton and Calgary's defence

Good: Sask., Calgary, Toronto, Winnipeg all above .500%
Bad: B.C., Hammer, Montreal all below .500%
Ugly: Edmonton just sucks ... again

You heard it here folks.


The Good - The football
The Bad - The media
The Ugly - The fans

:lol: :rockin: :cowboy: 8)

Rather than good or bad, I will give my take on which teams will be better in 2008 and which teams will be worse and why:


  • Edmonton, better O-line, better running backs, strong defense, Ricky Ray, if they stay healthy will contend this year.

  • Toronto, looks to be spending a fortune to get a winner, not sure what their SMS will look like but the most valuable member of the team could well be the accountant.

  • Hamilton, no where to go but up it's their turn to rise.


  • Saskatchewan, quarterbacking, quarterbacking, quarterbacking, the Riders just don't have it in the most important position. Crandell caught lightning in a bottle once, don't think he can do it again. May compete if Jyles moves to starter.

  • B.C., arrogant under achievers, over rated at QB and lacking quality leadership. May miss playoffs unless Murphy can light a fire under this cocky bunch.

  • Winnipeg, too old and too old, not to be redundant but not enough new faces to make it this year, Milt will have to wait for the next life to be a Champion.

This leaves Calgary and Montreal and I think 2008 will see little change in the fortunes of either team.

Grey Cup prediction:

Edmonton vs Hamilton

Wai, wai, wait a second Jack. We'll see about that. But to let people think you know something others don't while, in all actuality, it seems you don't know anything about Sask. or its players or the league. I don't even know why I gave you this minute thirty. Hamilton vs. Edmonton??? LOL!


He has an opinion, and he is entitled to it. You were the one that said stuff against his Esks above that. Plus you did nothing to refute his statement other than to say he was wrong. NOt very good.


Best post of this thread! :thup: :thup:

Ummmm, who is Murphy? :? The Lineman???

I suppose I did pounce(Hamilton) on the Esks...bwahahahahaha...I assumed that when making predictions people meant them and would stand behind them as the season winds down. Guess this is just another place to gang up on people with people you align yourself with, because EDM and HAM in the cup?...puhhhllleeease! At least I took it seriously enough to make statements I'll stand by.

In all seriousness the Edmonton situation is funny from my perspective. They have missed 2 playoffs in like 30 years dude! They ragged on us Rider fans for years and years and years and years and years. This year they are professing loyalty in the front office and playing 'flavor of love' on the field with changes in all positions. You don't think its reasonable to get some jabs in at this juncture??? C'mon buddy, I know strength is in numbers but give it up, you are busted!!!


Yeah the lineman and the only real leader left on the Lions roster. Clermont leads by example but isn't the kind of leader they need. Again, Lions lucky to make the play-offs.

C'mon CFLgameanyone, put up an arguement instead of bringing up the past. I stated for the record that the Riders are week at quarterback. Tell me why that isn't the case.

I'm with Sporty on this one.
Murphy? You are basing the entire Lion season on the intangible of Murphy's leadership?
That is easily one of the oddest things ever said on these forums--and that is saying a lot.
They could cut Murphy tomorrow and the Lions will remain the consensus favourite to finish first in the West. Quit talking nonsense, dude! Wait...he picked an Edmonton/Hamilton Grey Cup? Never mind...just a late April fool's gag...got me......

Which week? 1st week, 2nd week, Grey Cup week?

I still think the Eskimo's having the weakest coaching staff in the league will hamper them as they definately have the talent to make the playoffs and perhaps even win the Grey Cup.

I think the Riders finish just above the Eskimos for 3rd in the West. I think Montreal misses in the East, unless they vastly improve their O-line.