who's going to be #4 and #5?


so we all know that our first three receivers will be Dominguez, Fantuz and Flick. anyone knows that before this topic even gets started.

the big question now is, who’s our #4 and #5 receivers??

I’m sure that Dressler will likely be #4… I’m not saying that 100% now. because they just MIGHT save him for returns??

but other than that? I personally think that #5 should be Getzlaf.

but with the 46 man roster, you can add other receivers.

so #6 will probably be Grant or Baggs


what do you guys think?

Dressler, #4. I think Bowman is going to get some time out there. With the rate Bishop throws interceptions they are going to want big receivers who can try and prevent interceptions from happening.

Dominguez *
Bowman *
(Walker *)
(Marshall *)

Dressler *
Flick *

    • import

That's a tough choice, but I give the nod to Bowman over Walker, and Flick over Getzlaf.

Of our 12 recievers, 5 of them are questionable (Dominguez, Flick, Bowman, Walker, Nicolson).

Utilizing 4 imports at reciever requires a lot of ratio tweaking, especially with O'Day, Carter, and Mitchell (3 key Non-imports) out with injury. (January has to sit, and Wasaila has to come in at DB, or Carter at LB)

Bagg gets the wildcard slot because he's holding for Congi.

I doubt that all 4 imports (Dominguez, Flick, Bowman, Dressler) will be playing against BC. Getzlaf or Grant will probably be in, and we'll go with 3 imports. Dominguez would be the one to sit.

Against Calgary, their secondary is tall. We need Dominguez and Bowman both playing, otherwise Bagg is giving up 6" to the corners and losing anything resembling a jump ball. I see Flick sitting if we can't find the import space to start all 4 by then.

I jave Dressler above Flick and Dominguez on my depth Chart. Untill they show that they are fully back, Dressler is above them.

Is Dominguez in? I thought I read he was doubtful after the fluid draining thing last week.

I say...

strong side slotback- Andy Fantuz
weak side slotback- D.J. Flick
Strong side wide-out- Adarius Bowman
Weak side wide-out- Matt Dominguez

Flick looked out of sorts in the Argo game.
I'd say, GetZlaf and or Dressler in a slotback role

I really like Dressler as an outlet receiver for dump passes in BC

Dressler is our go to guy, the one guy that has been there most of the year, I would think FOR SURE he would be in there 1st before anyone else.

I personally am avoiding any talk of facing Calgary, this game will NOT be a cakewalk, BC is a very good team and we have to play a very solid game to win.

Is MD good to go this week. I haven't heard anything since they drained fluid from his knee.

With weather turning cold, you want Dressler, Fantuz and Getzlaf for sure. Bagg holds for field goals. Flick draws extra coverage making room for others. If Dominguez is healthy, he's in for sure. Wouldn't surprise me to see Grant in as well. Any chance we dress 8 receivers and sit a RB?

Just like ken Miller said, i've never seen anyone able to get open as good as Andy Fantuz. Even when he's no completely open he can still catch great. So Obviously he'll be starting at slot.

As per today's practice, Flick and Dominguez are out.

If we want a vet, Grant or Palmer makes it in.

Bagg / Walker