Who's going first???

Although I have seen strange things happen on the ticat sidelines this season, they are certainly no worse than Stubler’s vacant stare or Berry’s temper tantrums.

Who’s going first???

The worst mistake the ticats can make at this point is to fire Charile Taffe.

The next coach might want to bring in his own people, plays into a system that is pretty much routine.

i think stubler goes.....this is the same argo team that finished first in the east last year(except now they have the reigning MOP)....just a different coach.

In Stublers case, as has been asked on this site before,did he bring in Joseph ?
This Argo team was due to drop in the standings ,so Stubler doesn't take the fall ,unless you call making him the D-Cor. again and bringing back Pinball a firing ,

I was suprised to hear Bubba on CH sports Friday night at 6 call for Charlie Taffes firing,NOW, during the break before Labour Day.
I was shocked that he would blatantly announce that the coach should be fired ,I don't agree Bubba unless you know inside information,give the coach a break.
Blood thirsty Vampires!

I think if Stubler gets the heave-ho we should be first in line to hire him as our defensive co-ordinator.
That would be a good start on cleaning up some of our sideline problems.

I'll bet that none of those coaches will be fired.

Berry just signed a 3 year extension.

Taaffe and Stubler are still too new, and in Charlie's case it's like starting over with a whole new team of players and coaches this year.

I've been dreaming that scenario for a few weeks now.

That would be great!

Like we need another whole new reason to cheer for the blue team to lose.


Maybe the real question to be asked is:
Do you think Stubler and Berry will be as much time losing as Charlie has been given?
I'll cast the first vote: NO.

Stubler will get the season. Berry will as well.

Recently, I heard Bubba say that the bye week
is a suitable time to fire a CFL Head Coach

but I didn’t hear him advocate firing Charlie.

No offence, batmatt, but

did anyone else hear Bubba actually
call for Charlie Taaffe to be fired?

Nope Buba said if they are going to It
Now would be the best to do it now

i say danny "rick moranis" mociocia