hmm Hamilton needs some help. They need a new qb hmm lets see whos available …KHARI JONES!!! dont get me wrong mcmanus is… oops i mean Was a good qb but as of the past 3 seasons i dont feel safe when the ball is in the air… and when he scrambles? nahh… dont even get me started.
Mcmanus is a CFL icon its true but its time for him to Join the pannel.

no he’s a vet, and is just getting old make this his last season if he still wants to play football cut him and let him go elswhere, but it’ll probley be his last year in the CFL

His Career Is Much Like His Legs, He Doesn’t Have Much Left. The Same Problem Is Begining To Surface In Argoland. And There’s A Lot Of Great QBs Out There, And I Don’t Mean Jones. Guys Like Printers (He Can’t Be A Backup Forever), Maas, Brady. Also There Were Two Guys I Was Thinking About That Would Be Great In Either City And Don’t Have A Professional To Speek Of. One Of Them Being Jay Baker, He Kinda Got Lost In That Whole XFL Mess And I Haven’t Heard From Him Since. Another One Is The Young Dan Crowley, Play For The Ti-Cats To Seasons Ago And Inpressed The Hell Out Of Me, Strong Arm And Fast As Lightning On The Ground. Has Any One Herd From Either Of These Two Guys?

I actually started a topic about getting rid of Mcmanus after the first pre-game we had against the Argos in halifax. Its in Hamiltons forum go look there if ya wanna read more. But ive been saying since the beginning of the season get rid of him. Or at least make him 2nd string QB coach or something. And as for Brady. I also said i while ago that i didnt think that he was the answer to our QB woes. And after his less then stellar performance against the Riders (2 fumbles in what 5 minutes) im even less enthusiastic about him. As far as im concerned were probably not gonna win a game for a while until we get a half decent QB. If you ask me everythign else is there except the QB i have to like the idea of signing Khari. Even jsut to put him on the practice roster for now and if he doesnt work out just cut him. But we desperatly need a new QB in steel town otherwise were gonna have another poor poor season.

Yeah, let’s let Brandy star in a game by himself w/o the presure and I’m sure he will do well.

I think that an athlete should go out while he is on top. Hanging out for the purpose of retaining lost glory is just wrong. On the other hand I dont understand why the coach doesn’t just take him out.

…honestly…only about 1/9 of the league is fed up with Danny…the other 88.8% of the CFL hopes Hamilton plays him as much as possible…

McManus Wanted To Call It Quit Two Years Ago And Just Stay On As A Players Coach, But Every Year He’d Come Into Training Camp And Out Play The Guys Who Were Suppose To Be Replacing Him.

Brady’s Not That Bad, He’s Not The Future Of The Team But Would You Rather Have A Guy Like We Do With Bishop, And We’re In The Same Situation In Toronto With An Ageing QB. Or Even Worse Having To Trust In A Guy Like White Over In Montral.

McManus should retire, he was a great QB, but he’s no Damon Allen…for the ticats sake, if he doesnt improve, they should bench him…i’m sure he would understand if it’s the best for the team, you dont wanna throw a season down the toilet to give a great QB some last respects

I’ve always been a McManus fan, but I have to admit he looks slow. By comparison Damon Allen is older and looks like he could go a couple of more seasons. Mayby Danny Mac will get things going again…I hope so.

Here’s an idear, why don’t the Tabbies give Ben Sankey a go? He was their best QB in preseason was he not?

I think they should play him all next game. If he throws four picks they should just leave him in out of respect and then next game they should get rid of him.

Lets just hope McManus plays this sunday in Saskatchewan next week. After that, you can do what you want with the guy because chances are the riders won’t play the ti-cats again this year, unless they will be our eastern opponent in the cup, but I personally think the easter final will be the Rens and the Als


  • seriously, how about Spergon Wynn. He is not getting a look in Winnipeg for some strange reason. I think he is better than Brady! I still say Danny Mac was a treat to have in the CFL- a classy guy and gutsy one too.

Riders Rule

I read somewhere that Hamilton released Sankey at the cut deadline. Did they bring him back?

Are you folks still not interested in Jason Maas?

Hamilton should trade McManus and Osbaldiston to Saskatchewan for Greane and McCallum.

Oh yeah…Osbaldiston retired, Damn, another good rumour shot down.

Since Doug Flutie signed with New England, bring in Doug Flutie’s father, I hear he has a good arm and is about the same age as Danny Mac!!!

Riders Rule

Here is the QB picture I want to see:

BC: Dickerson (Printers will go into the NFL and help out some team like Jaxsonville or Arizonia win the shit bowl)
Edmonton: Ricky Ray
Calgary: Burris
Saskatchewan: Greene
Winnipeg: Maas or Michna
Toronto: K.Jones
Hamilton: Brandy
Ottawa: Joesph
Montreal: A.C.
Atlantic: Wyne

I think Danny should finish his career in Hamilton and that should take him to the end of the year.