Who's excited to see Calgary lose their 3rd Grey Cup in a row?

I am. Go ticats!

not me, I don’t want them there at all.

Don’t care who wins.
I just want an entertaining, competitive game.

The last two Grey Cups have delivered that in a big way.
(2016 GC is my favourite all time.)

…ha! The way their offence is playing I’d be surprised they even make it to the GC…

ya calgary seems like they lock the west early and then coast to the playoffs.

Personally, I’m rooting for Winnipeg to make it to the Cup from the West. Long overdue there.

The Ontario sweep?

Ditto here . I would really love to see the Famine Bowl Grey Cup this year between the two teams that have made their fans wait the longest in between Championships . So I’m thinking and hoping that we see a Bombers vs Ti-Cats final in Edmonton for the Cup . 1990 for the Peg , 1999 for the Hammer , it’s been way too long for both clubs the last time they sipped Champagne from the Cup . Let one of the droughts be finally over (hopefully Hamilton’s) in this year’s classic . 8)

Famine Bowl - ouch. (It hurts because it’s true.)

As for CAL, I think it would be less painful for their fans to lose in the Western Final than to lose in the Grey Cup once again.

It’s interesting to note that history has shown us that teams rarely make it to the Cup three or more years in a row , let alone lose it on all three occasions . Going back to the 1950 season there has only been 9 occasions where the same team(s) have made the trip 3 or more seasons in a row . The only team in that time that actually lost 3 in a row was the 54-55-56 Alouettes who lost all 3 times vs the Eskimos . The last team to go back to back to back was the 2008-2010 Alouettes and before that you have to go all the way back to the Ti-Cats in the 84-85-86 seasons . The record for consecutive appearances in the Cup is held by the Eskimos at 6 seasons in a row (77-82) during their remarkable 5 Cup victories in a row dynasty .

Here is the history of teams making 3 or more consecutive trips to the Cup (1950-2017)with W/L results in brackets:

Edmonton Eskimos (3-0) : 54(w) , 55 (w), 56(w)
Montreal Alouettes(0-3) : 54(L) , 55( L), 56(L)
Hamilton Tiger-Cats(1-2):57(w), 58(L), 59(L)
Winnipeg B.Bombers(2-1):57(L), 58(w), 59(w)
Hamilton Tiger-Cats(2-3) : 61(L),62(L),63(w),64(L),65(w)
Montreal Alouettes( 1-2) : 77(w),78(L),79(L)
Edmonton Eskimos(5-1): 77(L),78(w),79(w),80(w),81(w),82(w)
Hamilton Tiger-Cats(1-2):84(L),85(L),86(w)
Montreal Alouettes(2-1): 08(L),09(w),10(w)

I’d rather see the Stampeders lose the Western Final.


It will be a Stamps and Redblacks rematch. This time, the Stamps will win.

Don’t confuse making it to the Grey Cup with winning the Grey Cup though!

Winnipeg has made it to the Grey Cup this century, but they didn’t win it.


If the Argonauts aren't going to win it, I prefer to see it shared among the other teams.
Winnipeg and Hamilton are both due for some Grey Cup cheer.
Hamilton is also long overdue to host the big game. Hopefully with that lawsuit thing out of the way, they get it in the next few years.

It's hard to believe that the last time these two teams actually met in the finals was 34 years ago way back in 1984 in coincidentally Edmonton . Could history repeat itself ?

Yup , it was Brock vs Clements meeting up a year after the Big Trade .

Final Score :

Clement's Bombers 47
Brock's Ti-Cats 17

And to think all it took you to secure a seat was a mere $30.00 8)

If the Edmonton Eskimos fail to advance as the home town representatives in the Grey Cup Game, then I’d like to see another classic Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Hamilton Tiger-Cats tilt.


…I’ll admit if it isn’t the stamps beating the Tiger-Cats in the GC then Winnipeg is a very decent substitution…

Nope. Stamps lose the West Final to Winnipeg, Cats vs Bombers in the Cup.

In our small 9 team league, it is always good to see variety at the biggest game of the year.
Same team over and over again like the Stamps heck even if it was my Argos, is somewhat stale.
No such thing as dynasty here.