Who's Done?

Topic is Who’s Done as in not gonna play anymore, an unsigned free agent, etc. Here’s my little list for discussion:

  1. Stanley Bryant - age/salary considerations
  2. Andrew Harris - has announced
  3. Trevor Harris
  4. Adam Bighill - actually think there’s an outside chance he dresses for the Cup, rehabs for one more go in 2024
  5. Markeith Ambles
  6. Brandon Banks
  7. Bo-Levi Mitchell - is he forcing it now?

The Magnificent Seven. Discuss!

On your list I’m pretty sure Trevor Harris will play. He has a good contract and he ain’t going to make close to that doing anything else and Saskatchewan needs him. Apparently Bighill had said he’ll play one more year before going full time into his investment career. Bryant could very well retire. Sure fire first ballot hall of famer and the best O lineman ever to play in the CFL.

Also maybe done:

Winston Rose
Mike Miller
Skip Prokup
Jake Thomas
Nic Marshall
Jeremiah Masoli

Heavy on Bombers because I don’t know the other teams as well.


As I’m prone to do let me assign percentages to many of the players you & I listed:

Trev Harris - 95%, unless Sask’n cuts him loose, if they do, 75% chance he resurfaces under a re-structured contract in Ottawa or Hamilton.

Husky “Andrew” Harris - 10% chance of return, but not until after training camps. Might come back to TO but only if AJ Oullette gets injured.

Stan Bryant - the super OT is ageing, he’s being routinely beat to the perimeter by very good DEs and quick linebackers. See how he fares vs. Chet Lemon tomorrow, that’ll be the tell-tale.

Mike Miller - getting old and crippled up at the same time is a no-go. No better than 12% to return.

Biggy - we both agree he wants 1 more year, pretty much the oldest MLB in CFL history I’d say. Needs to re-hab a significant injury in the off-season which will cut into his investment job & family time. Does he want to do it? 55% he returns.

Winston Rose - 45%; he’ll go to a camp but it won’t be in Winnipeg.

Skip Prukop - 10%, bombers will look younger and cheaper at the “Sweet Daddy Sniki” position

Jake Thomas - 15%, what a great self-made canadian player.

Nick Marshall - 33%, he’ll beg 'n plead for fresh start

Masoli - 65% to return, but either re-structured contract or as the default #2 guy on a good team.

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Christian Matte
Sean Jamieson
Almondo Sewell
Ted Laurent
Chris Van Zeyl

I’d say 100% Van Zeyl and 50/50 Teddy.


I was waiting for someone to mention CVZ . The guy should be on the top of the list .

Van Zeyl, for sure. He’s barely played the past few years. Jamieson is dressing tomorrow and he’s not even 30. He could still play. Matte too.

Sewell might have some game left but I anticipate the Als moving on from him in the offseason.

Looking down the list of active players by age outside who has already been mentioned, there are a number of names that stand out. Kickers of course can kick for as long as they can handle it so I’m not listing them.

Philip Blake - SK o-line 37
Manny Arceneaux - EDM receiver 36
Larry Dean - SK linebacker 35
Micah Johnson - SK DB 35
Landon Rice - MTL o-line 35
Nick Taylor - CGY DB 35
Dom Davis - BC QB 34
Henoc Muamba - TO LB 34

I do not know any of these players’ contract statuses but I feel Dom Davis, Henoc Muamba, and Manny Arceneaux are pretty much done based on their play (or lack thereof) in the past year.

Side note for some reason on CFL Paul McCallum is listed as active on BC at 53…

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Perhaps emergency kicker status if the got far enough and their kickers were all injured. McCallum at 53/54 is prolly in good enough shape to be 90% from 40 yds in and 60% from 40 to 50.
Punting would have to be directional - his punting leg wouldn’t yield much more than 35 to 38 yds per punt.
More power to him.