Who's coming to the Grey cup?

Was coming but we ended up buying a house and moving in early November and too much at this time to go. We had to forfeit our deposit money but I will say the BC Lions ticket admin people are excellent with communication. :thup:

And it means we'll get out to Vancover eventually to to take in a game there. :thup:

CFL Fans Fight Cancer has a meet and greet/raffle on Friday at noon. The only conflict is with TD Manitoba which is at 1pm.

Anyone know who will be the Half Time Show for Grey Cup?

Flying in Thursday Morning. Been offered by a friend who lives there to go up to whistler Friday (the date the Hill is scheduled to open). So i'll probably do that. This will be my 5th in a row, wife's 3rd in a row. We'll probably take a break after the 100th.

TIGERTOWN is always a Great time with BIG Bands playing, last year in Edmonton 54-40 played and ROCKED the House :rockin:

Stay tuned for this years big annoucement on the band !

Received my tickets today!

I got my flight and hotel booked....just waiting for my ticket!

Looking forward to it for sure, flying out Sat. morn, back Tues. morn. U of C looks like they have a shot at being at the Vanier and I am going with a former Dino player, so we will hit the VC, Riderville - of course - and as many of the other teams' parties as I can on Saturday!

Vancouver is a great city! Cant wait!!

I’m still waiting for mine. Just curious, what method did they use to ship the tickets? Canada Post? Fed-Ex? UPS? Ect.


I got mine yesterday. The 27th can’t come quick enough. :slight_smile:

They are sending them out through Canada Post. I’m guessing you should see yours today or tomorrow.