Who's coming to the Grey cup?

Who's all coming to the Grey cup and besides the game what other events will you be attending? For me I will be doing the Eskimo thing, my Buddy is the host Dj for the Bombers event so I'll be spending some time there .

how about this event.

[url=http://lionbackers.com/bc_lions/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=19978]http://lionbackers.com/bc_lions/viewtop ... =2&t=19978[/url]

Mrs MadJack and I will be there from the 22nd to the 28th. . . not sure yet exactly which events in addition to the game itself we'll be attending.

Wish I could. Would love to see a 3rd straight game! But I can't afford it.

Riderville was the best party at the Winnipeg Convention Centre when the GC was here a few years back. All the other parties were pretty empty compared to theirs. If I was going I'd be sure to check that one out. :cowboy:

It will be number 11 on my streak and 13 total for me this year. Been going to Grey Cups for well over a third of my life now. My dad raised me right, haha. Not sure which events we'll be going to, probably touchdown MB, riderville of course (might be able to get in this year, haha), Tigertown can be fun. We usually wing it. Last time it was in BC they had a great downtown tent where a number of the activities were, hope they have that again. Can't wait for the great four day drunk. Getting my liver ready now.

That's awesome :thup: I'm planning to take a few days off just to hang out and take in as many activities as I can . Hopefully I will meet some of the posters on this forum and have a wobbly pop or two with .

This will be a First for my wife and me oilerrocker. It will pretty much be the game. Nothing else really planned. That will be enough for us.

My wife and I'll be there and go to pretty much all of the parties. I've booked two days off work to take it all in! :rockin:

Ill be there! from Thursday till Wednesday!!! Should be epic!

Now here's an idea. . .

Maybe we should set up a meet & greet for all CFL fan forum posters.

Someone in Vancouver want to take the initiative to set something up that doesn't conflict with other events?

This will be a First for my wife and me oilerrocker. It will pretty much be the game. Nothing else really planned. That will be enough for us.
I highly recommend the other events. Its a lot of fun partying with fans from all over Canada. Lots of people have their home team colours on so you get into some interesting conversations :D

My Box J Boy brothers and I will be attending and checking out a bunch of events.
Always regulars at Tigertown and Spirit, I am bringing our newest Box J Boy to his first Grey Cup so I'll be taking him to as many hospitality parties as we can take in. The Lions Den will be a major stop for sure. We can't miss Sharon Jones, this 50-something fire cracker is known as the female James Brown and she's been great every time I see her.
We'll also be volunteering at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon on Friday. Great event it supports the Dire Needs Fund, which helps CFL vetrans with football related conditions.
Also hope to join the Ticats section of the parade on Sat and then of course the game.
Hope to see you there, and if you do stop me and say hi. I'm the one in the black and yellow tartan pant! :rockin:

I'll be there. Flying in on the Wednesday. First time ever in BC. The Bombers party OilRocker is talking about is called Touchdown Manitoba. That's always one of the best parties at Grey Cup.

Completely agree with KGERBR. Beagle you at least have to spend one day/night at the Festival. It is the most important part of the whole thing. You stand and talk with people from all over country, talking about the great game we have, as well as the great country we have. Met some fantastic people at these parties and I highly recommend you going to at least one party.

Thanks for the heads up you guys. Never having attended a Grey Cup in the past I'd not given it much thought but it sounds interesting. We'll check it out. 8)

Speaking of Grey Cup, has anyone got their tickets in the mail yet? The organizers don't seem very "on the ball" this year. Still no tickets, Still no half-time act booked. We are less than 1 month until the official start of the Grey Cup festival.

I've got the Thursday and Friday off to take in as much of the party as i can. Vanier Cup, Snow Bowl (thanks FYB), Sharon Jones, street party, Lions Den, the parade.. and of course drinks with fans from across the country. Should be a great weekend.

I got a call from ticketmaster last week to inform me that they will be sending out the tickets by mail in November. Anyone who picked to have their tickets delivered by courier would get a refund of that cost and have them shipped by mail as well.

I got an email last week saying that they will be sent out by the 15th I think. I deleted the email so I am not sure.

That would be cool MadJack (just to see who's behind the handle name) on the meet & greet for CFL forum posters. I'm setting my sights on 2013 in Regina.