Who's coaching Staff would you like coaching your team?

Thought I would make fun of the Eskie’s here! Which coaching staff would you sooner have as a Stamp fan. The Eskie’s coaching staff or the Stamps!
I believe Edmonton is going the direction Calgary went with Dunigan with their new coaching Staff. Where as Calgarys coaching staff are proven coaches. Yes you will here the Eskie fans bashing Higgens but again all coaches are jerks when they lose like they did last year to the Riders of all teams. I think with the new staff of the Eskies this will put their streak in jeopardy espically with RD Lancaster coaching the offense. Then the real thing is defense by committee. How is this accomplished do they vote on plays. I also heard the Hughies son will be a defensive coach in some compacity ( Smacks of F troop).
I look at The Stamps staff Higgens has won a GC and put Edmonton into the finals and also Steve Baratto has also a cup ring, Denny Crehan well look at the defense he built etc. I think this speaks for itself. Wow a team with good coaches and replaced the driftwood players with guys that can play.
Whats worse then an Eskie fan?

2 Rider fans

For a team to gel quicker I would sooner have an experienced coaching staff then a band aide staff the Eskies have. I guess we just have to see and for sure Calgary has improved the coaching 100 fold. I think the Stamps will be either in position of second or third place depending on the team getting their offense going and injuries. IMO.

Totally agree '05, I was stunned when Higgins announced his (forced) resignation and shook my head at the eskimo management. But that turned to pure eleation when we announced he was coming here. I beleive his wife was Calgary born and raised so what a homecoming for their family. The rest of the team is awesome as well. I think Barker was handed a bum steer by F troop and that fact he came back speaks volumes of his integrity and the new Ownership structure. The rest of the coaching staff is tried, tested and shown to be worthy.

The rest of the west, at least at the fan level, is totally unaware of the quality of this squad of leaders and you know what? lets keep it our little secret for now.....

Yes, the thing is those Rider fans and Eskie fans do not realize that the Stamps were not that bad of team last year. It was the jokes running and coaching this team. The fact too we had no QB to speak of. The Eskies have a coaching staff much like what we had last year and the Riders do not have A proven QB to win consistantly.
The Stampeders on the other hand havve a very good coaching staff and filled a few of the holes that were required to push thse guys further. Remember to good old Dunitagain blew two games last year and the ref's gave one to BC. The BC lions hated palying the Stamps defense. The Argo's watched that game film and well they did it to the Lions for the GC.