Whos censoring the censors?

Just watching the Game tonight Ham VS. Winn and on the side lines when a bomber player said..... the F word in a phrase. Its obviously live, but seems theres no delay to have time to edit things like that! What's your opinion? would you like a raw 18+ bad language goes or a clean swear free broadcast? I'm kinda on the fence on this one! Watching with family no swearing please, watching with the guys, doesn't matter. Oh and I heard a long time ago those Clear oval contraptions the broadcast crew carry are suppose to blanket sound???????? anyone an expert on this wouldnt mind knowing for sure?

They should probably delay by a few seconds, to make sure that they can edit that sort of thing out...but I don't really care a whole lot.

I think you'd find that if you're watching the game with kids, they probably aren't paying close enough attention that they'd even notice the F word in there. At least, not until their parents make a big deal about it.

The clear "oval contraption" you speak of is a parabolic microphone. It works in the same way that a satellite dish does. It gathers sound, and focuses it into a specific point. They point it down the line of scrimmage (and into the middle of every play) so that you can clearly hear what's happening on the field.

The parabola. Not just for nerds and ancient Greeks anymore!

Thanks Sheep! anyone recall the XFL?LOL were the camera spent more time on the sidelines with what looked like porno stars for cheerleading? LMOL what did that last 1 season?

I have no real problem with it. It's part of life and people use it every day. It's no big deal. I would just make sure that any children understand that it is usually a highly vulgar and offensive word.

I was watching a movie on City TV once and they bleeped "mother" but left "f_cker" in. Seemed appropriate, if humorous.

The nanny state would never allow us to have uncensored TV.

I'd prefer to hear the feed raw. Don't you find it silly when networks censor words they find offensive but yet we all know exactly what is being said?

great feedback than you!

I don't have a problem with it either. The kids are going to hear the real F word monday at school on the playground anyways. IMO there are more important things to wory about than if a kid hears a swear. Like sheep said, most kids wouldn't catch it anyways.

Our TV is way more open than in the US. They get massive fines if something like that happens at any time of the day.

After primetime (10:00 I think) channels can play whatever they want. CBC plays uncensored movies at midnight all the time here in Vancouver. There is even a channel that has soft-core porn on weekend nights.

It's only Don Cherry who gets put on a delay.