Who's carrying the mail this season?

Looks like Jarrett Payton. Personally, I thought Ebell would be #1 but this signing says something. I know Ebell is injury prone, so this signing makes sense, I think. - Maybe Toronto will do a "thunder and lightning" rotation with the two. And maybe I'm underestimating Robertson, but I don't think so. This may be bye bye to Jamal. Where's Thomas in all of this? He has serious speed but may never get the chance to show it now.

I don't think they should get rid of Robertson until Ebell can prove he can get it done, coming off his injury. Robertson impressed me last year cosidering the Boatmen had a horrible O-Line. With the additions of Picard and Murphy on the O-Line, I'd like to see what Robertson can do when the O-Line has the ability to open up some decent holes.

At this point, I think any one of them could be the odd man out. I don't think we'll know until after the 2 pre-season games or possibly a couple games into the regular season.

I liked what I seen in Robertson as well.
Should make for some difficult decisions for Andrus.

Robertson, Ebell, Payton and Johnson...no problem from where I sit.

Hopefully this will be the year where Durie finally gets to show what he can do, at least on a part time basis.
Robertson and Payton have both played for Andrus in NFLE so he would have a pretty good idea what they can do. Ebell when healthy would probably be the most talented RB, but they are maybe wondering if his achilles will hold up. It used to be a career ending injury.
I see them keeping two RB imports on their 46 man roster, but only dressing one per game. That would be where Durie can be a factor IMO as a change of pace RB as a back up.
I'm guessing barring injury, Payton starts the season with Robertson staying on the 46 man roster and Ebell starting the year on the injured list until they see how things are going.
With Payton they get someone who can play smash mouth football. He's won't break too many long runs but can consistently give you 5,6,7 yards behind a good O-Line. Robertson can break some long runs but gets stopped for 2 or 3 quite often. It would be nice to play them both in the back field at the same time, but I don't think the ratio will allow for that. An import kicker is going to take that spot.
The deal for Prefontaine didn't look very good last year and looks even less this year IMO. But they have to go forward, its water under the bridge now.

Do you have any examples of someone successfully coming back after such an injury?
I"m trying to come up with some names but just can't think of any.