Who's better? Flutie or Glenn?

Glenn has just passed Flutie... Flutie actually had a successful career... Who's better?

They say there is no stupid question, but this May be it :roll:

At this point I don't know that Kevin Glenn even makes the HOF, and Flutie is probably the greatest player of all time (arguably). This is a very silly question.

Agreed , Glenn a good QB but not a great QB

no comparison.
lets say Glenn gets into the HOF...well, Flutie then deserves his own wing.

The one who played for the Riders.


A large portion of Saskatchewan


Flutie won Grey Cups, and yardage wise, Glenn took twice as long to reach Fluties numbers.

How is this even a discussion? Glenn's career over the last few years has been to back up other QBs. Yards aside, you can't be considered great when all you do is stand in for other people.

The highest individual award is for most outstanding player and it is harder to win than the grey cup. Flutie has won multiple times while Glenn was runner-up once.

Cleo Lemon has more passing yards than Drew Willy and Bo Levi Mitchell. Is he a better QB than either? C'mon now. :wink:

There's more to a great player than just his stat line!

You guys don't obviously get my sense of humour... Lol

you mean you have one?????

I was wondering the same. :?

Sarcasm and subtle humour can be hard to read without any kind of facial expression, tone of voice or body language, especially when you don't know the person in question. That's why emoticons were invented. :wink: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

The part where I say," Flutie actually had a successful career" should of been the giveaway hint. Basically I'm saying that Glen has thrown for more yards but has been a failure.

I wouldn't call a guy a failure who has been around for this long and been starting QB on multiple playoff teams.

Flutie is obviously a legendary figure in the CFL.
Glenn has done well but by no means great.
Having been able to re-invent himself in Calgary as "THE" top veteran back up is where he is making his name and how he will likely be remembered. If Tate were able to stay healthy Glenn could have likely just faded out of the CFL.
For him to accept this as who he is will keep him employed in the CFL. Some decent timing with the Cap getting a bump, good back ups in general will get a better wage.
Right now he is unique in that he is well experienced and proven that he can step in and win games. Anywhere he would be needed to step in he brings automatic confidence that he can win any regular season game.
Calgary acquired him as an insurance policy and he paid off.
Last season BC got caught with their pants down so to speak with no one behind Lulay. Glenn became available and the Lions were able to instantly change the QB situation for the better.
Play his cards right he can continue to be a hot commodity for what he can do

Better at what exactly? If it's choking in big games, or making bad plays at the worst possible time, then Glenn wins by a landslide. Maybe the greatest of all time.

I thought it was obvious that the thread title was a joke.

However, the joke echoes a serious argument that a lot of people have made with regards to Damon Allen when he became the all-time passing yardage leader. By virtue of that record (and the four Grey Cup rings), some people said he was the greatest CFL QB of all time. I personally did not agree. I think it's hard to be the "best ever" when you were rarely considered the best in any year that you played. Allen, like Moon before him, only won a single MOP award in his CFL career.

A better argument can be made for Calvillo, whose team was consistently competitive every year once he became an entrenched starter. And he was often the best QB in a given year.

However, those of us who remember Flutie know that his teams were also competitive every year, and there was almost no argument over who was the best in the league during his time here. The MOP award was not even seriously debated in years when Doug stayed healthy. He won 6 MOPs in 8 years, at a time when the game was played by guys like Dunigan, Allen, Austin, McManus, Pringle and Clemons.

But if you think that the most yards = the greatest QB, then you have to concede that Glenn is "greater" than Flutie.