Who's autograph did you get?

on my Porter jersey I got:
Dan Goodspeed, Alex Gauthier, Simeon Rottier, Francis Daneau, Chris Davis, Prechae Rodriguez, Darrell Adams, Dave Stala, Chris Bauman (got it previous to this event), Kenton Keith, Guillame Allard-Cameus, Tre Smith, Chris Thompson, Quinton Porter, Kevin Glenn, Geoff Tisdale, George Hudson, Ray Mariuz, Yannick Carter, Robert Pavlovic, Peter Dyakowski, Zac Carlson, Sandy Beveridge, Dylan Barker, and LaShaun Ward. Thanks to all the players who signed, Goodspeed had to be the player I was most happy to speak with.


All The OL They Came 1st as they Should
With out the Porter is on his back and We no holes for KK and The other backs.

I got scott Mitchel David Ball Dave Stall Porter All the DB Otis Floyd and Few others

My kids made out like bandits:

Porter, Glenn, Setta, Keith, TSmith, Rodriguez, Mitchell, Stala, Ball, Hage, Gauthier, Barrenachea, Mariuz, Bradley, Thompson and a few others I can't make out.

But now the dilemma - my 6-year-old son was coming from his football game, and had the hard-to-find Tyke-sized ball he uses to practice. He insisted on using his ball to get autographs because his sister was using a white goof-around ball we had lying around at home.

So now he's got a ball full of sigs from half the known entities on the soon-to-be 2009 Eastern Conference Champs, and he only this morning realized the ramifications of using the ball he plays with on the street.

Decisions, decisions - buy him another ball... crush his dreams... buy him another ball... crush his dreams.

A good event yesterday - the rain held off, it was football enough to get me interested in another season of football and each and every player my kids stopped was very gracious and several were kind enough to engage a couple of shy little kids. Special thanks to K Keith who, despite obvous discomfort in the foot, took a few minutes to raz my son about wanting to play DB.

Any sportcheck store would have tyke sized balls. Maybe $20-25.. not a hard choice.

My youngest got 27 autographs. My 10 year-old only got Tafralis.

Sec8, don't be such a grinch. Buy the kid a new ball lol

Borehamgirl.....would I be correct in assuming you didn't get Obie's?

Junior size balls are everywhere - Tyke-size not so much. I did a lot of running around in Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville before someone on here told me that the leagues that use Tyke size order them through Litzens in Flamborough.

So I do know the one place that carries them - it was more like a rhetorical dilemma, for humour's sake. But thanks anyway.

A bit of claravoyence on the part of your ten year old maybe?

I probably should have so I could have something to attach to the voodoo doll lol, but no I didn't, MP. I leave the autographs to the kids.

Could be sec8, or it could just be that she thought he was really cute and was trying hard to pronounce his last name since it will one day be hers :lol: :wink: I did mention that he's technically old enough to be her father, but that didn't help much. It's off to the convent for her.

I wish I could of made it out to the event. Sadly I only have a Jason Maas Jersey, and I have been told by many it's cursed and I'm supposed to retire it so I have nothing to get signed

Both hats i have are filled with autographs from previous years, I need to get another jersey, heh

Good to see people made out like bandits

Here’s a better idea, use some tape and change your jersey from MAAS to MESS and you’ll be all set. :smiley:

Or buy a safe bet Jersey like Rodriguez or Setta. Or you can get even more definitive and get a retro Mosca jersey, he'll never be released from the team :lol: