Who's at fault?

Many people when asked this question would quickly answer, Henry Burris. But what one must speculate is that although he had 1 fumble, and 1 interception (that in my opinion was just a damn nice play by Eddie), he was on the money for the most part of the game. He was hitting his receivers right in the hands but people like Copeland and Lewis, usually having sure hands, dropped many balls tonight. The O-line as well allowed us to get some pressure on Henry, and absolutely did not give any nice holes for Reynolds to run through. The game was in the hands of the offence of the Stampeders, and they couldn't hold on to the ball, plain and simple. Not completely Burris' fault.

People may disagree with me here but a large part of the blame has to go on Calgary's defense. They did manage to hold the Riders to field goals, but they also allowed a lot of lengthy drives that ate up the clock and kept the Stamps offense on the sidelines.

It's not an easy thing for an Offense to click when they're constantly watching their defense give up long time consuming drives.