Who's at fault - the CFL or The Score?

More picking on The Score :lol:

The latest story on The Score's CFL page is that the BC Lions apparently won the Grey Cup (really?!? It's news to me!!)

The NFL and MLB have identically formatted, good-looking "Off-Season Magazines", and the NHL and NBA have "NHL Watch" and "NBA Watch", which also look like the off-season magazines.

The CFL page doesn't have any of this attractive formatting ... just a single article. Not even a single CFL-related link.

Even the PGA has better coverage on The Score's website (also formatted à la NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB).

Anyway, that was a bit of a sidetrack from my original purpose to this post ... Which is: Who is at fault for no recent CFL info being on The Score's website? The Score for not getting the info and/or putting it up there, or the CFL for not telling The Score?

I would guess that it's the fault of The Score, since both sportsnet.ca and tsn.ca have recent CFL stories on their websites, and CFL pages that are as good as those for all the other "main" leagues.

Brutal ...

yea their site is junk 4 cfl. on the bright side, they at least have the only cfl show in cfl snap...

Yep ..... "The Snap" is nicely done

As Canuck Kev says ..... "website = brutal" :thdn:

I emailed them during the season last year because it was around week 16 and they hadn't updated their CFL standings since like week 7.

the score is a joke.

I remember, a couple of years ago, watching The Score for an hour or two waiting for CFL highlights from at least one of the two games that had been played that night ... nothing. I saw highlights from the Blue Jays game 3 times per hour, but not a single football highlight.

The one redeeming thing they have is CFL Snap ...

Whats even worse about that is that there really is only one kind of baseball highlight, the diving catch. Homeruns while swingy in a game arent exciting to watch on TV nor are strikeouts so it really begs the question how many diving catches did the jays make on that particular night.

Who cares?!?!?! Its baseball :stuck_out_tongue: lol, jk

I have an idea for TSN: replace the Reporters(both the ESPN and TSN produced shows) and replace them with a one-hour show dedicated to the CFL. During the off-season they can show us teams' financial and year-end statements, who are the free agents, discuss the draft, and other current topics of the day. It would be much more interesting to watch than 3 reporters whine about they dont like.

....disagree....the singlemost exciting baseball event, way better than the diving catch, is the full speed fielder collision....hilarious that two guys that spend 95% of the game standing near each other couldn't figure out some sort of agreed system of saying "I got it"....the only thing better than this is when the shortstop decides he is infinitely more qualified than the outfield to snag that floater and joins Moe and Curly for a threeway dustup.....

Moe and Curly for a threeway dustup


its all godfreys fault

Thought I'd ressurect this old thread, rather than start a new one.

I couldn't help but notice that in a picture taken from the CFL evaluation camp, there was a "Score" microphone (probably being held by Duane Forde). So obviously The Score was there; and since it was in Toronto (right?) I'm sure it would have been NO PROBLEM AT ALL to take a TV camera there. Maybe there even was a camera there.

My question is: Did anyone see any news/info/highlights of the CFL evaluation camp on The Score?

I doubt there were any; I really hope someone can prove me wrong. This would have been an excellent chance to promote the Canadian game, and hell, even fill a 2:00 gap in their highlight package. It's Canadian news after all, and I also suspect that The Score would be (was?) all over the NFL evaluation camp.

What you say seems reasonable to me Canuc.

Thanks ... In my opinion, on Canadian TV, Canadian news should come first. And non-Canadian (usually American) news should not pre-empt Canadian news, unless it has huge international consequences. And if a network can find time to squeeze in coverage of some relatively minor American event, then it damn well should find time to (at LEAST) "squeeze" in coverage of the Canadian equivalent as well - especially considering the two evaluation camps don't go head-to-head.

I also find that news regarding NFL players that I've never heard of - and oftentimes, they're players in low-profile positions (ie, the line) - tends to come before news about fairly significant CFL players. The CFL news is almost tacked on as an afterthought, after the NFL news is finished. Or, an NFL report will have much more information than a comparable CFL report - information that would not be hard to find.

But, I guess it's just the same old song and dance ... :frowning: