Who's At Fault.....I point Directly at Bob

There is alot of pointing fingers, discussion of how to right this ship but I for one point directly at Bob. He has been the first to admit his mistakes but has yet to learn from them and he is the only constant thus far with the losing records. How many coaches, players, front office staff have we went through in the last five years...all seem knee jerk reactions to another. No one has confidence in who they hire and no one is given a chance.....hence we are an organization that is the laughing stock of the league and one that no one wants to work for. And why would you....recent history dictates if you screw up you lose your job...PERIOD. Everyone is playing scared and when you get that you get a losing record.
Now I am thankful for Bob and what he has done but his commitment tends to stay off field and not on field. Yes he does "not know football" but he knows buisiness and allowing turnstile hiring and firings on and off the field tells you buisiness is not working. Continuity needs to be in place.....time is now to give confidence in who you hire and understand re-building takes time. A little proof is some qoutes from Bob published in the Spec

"We're in the entertainment buisiness. if the fans don't want to come to the stadium, its not the fans fault. The fans are our customers. If we can't deliver sufficient value to our customers, that they aren't fighting each other to get in the stadium for the next game, thats our problem"...Oct 7, 2003

First of all you are in the football buisiness not entertainment...entertainment comes with a winning team not off field stuff. Last I saw not too many people fighting to get in but out...not sufficient value and now a raise in ticket prices....hmmmm

"We've taught a lesson to the rest of the league, you don't have to sell winning" Aug 30, 2006

This qoute speaks volumes for itself and obvious direction this team has been going for last 5 years...no need to worry about on field if we fill the stadium

Time to step up and right the football product....pick your men and stick with them BOB

great post

Agree nice post

That is not a fair statement, they were all given a chance and they all blew it. This is not a country club where they're given unlimited time to prove themselves.

The biggest mistake was not hiring Tillman 2 years ago and I had no idea he'd do this well with regina.

I like the post, but I have to disagree with one thing... Win or lose, it's still entertainment.

Yes, each person, from the water-boy to the Linux-boy (sorry, Bob) is there to win. BUT... I can handle losing, if it's done well.

Case in point - 1989 Grey Cup. We lost on a last play field goal, and it was the most entertaining game I've ever seen. Did I mention we lost that one?

I really don't think we have lost well this season. My marriage would not be in trouble if we had.

I've had to hire people; I've had to fire people. Both jobs are PITAs, and means that there is more paperwork to do. Sometimes you cannot hire the best people, and sometimes the best people you can find are not the people that you would ordinarily want. And sometimes you get lucky.

That's life.

Yeah, I have to agree with the original post of this thread.

I love Bob as an owner and what he's done for the gameday experience, but he has failed on the football side of things and I can only hope that he's learning from his mistakes and I thik that he is.

Agreed with not hiring Tillman....disagree on country club...yes they should not be given unlimited time but some time...re-building is a process that takes some time and if you are patient you will reap the rewards...impatient and you continue to rebuild and rebuild but never get off the ground...i am thinking we are pretty much still hanging with the worms

What makes you think he is??? The firing of the GM, the raising of ticket prices sound pretty much like the end of the 2005 season, 2006 season and so forth. Is there any indication that this time will be different??? Or do we fire the next guy in line if we go 1 and 5??? and spruce it up with “Printers Flex packs” to get people in the stadium

While I would have given Marcel one more year, I can understand Mitchell letting him go since Bob hired Marcel before Mitchell.

Finally he's getting the order right. Mtichell hires his guy as GM and then the GM will either keep Charlie or hire his own guy. That's sensible and that's why I think he's learning from his mistakes on the football side.

As far as raising ticket prices go, it has ntohing to do with the football operations. I don't care about the prices becuase I'm confident they'll be in line with the other CFl teams. I either buy them or I don't. Not too worried about it and I don't think correlating ticket prices to the record of the team is sensible either. It's ridiculous and I'm surprised to read some posters equate the two. It's simple supply and demand and the winning/losing record normally reflects that, otherwise, once the team starts winning, and if they do it consistently, alot of us might not be able to afford the hot ticket. Be careful what you wish for.

Not bobs fault now that the truth about the insubordination has come out with mitchell expressing it was never the plan to sacrifice the season to rebuild. Bob took care of it though now, good job by an owner to eliminate this germ from the organization. Had he done it sooner he may not have had any available replacements. Looks like they took the reins from Marcel when casey came up to bat. Jim Popp suckered bob into this and I think that is part of what bob is talking about when he says he has learned a lot. Bob is the best!

That's quite a stretch that I wouldn't make.

"Germ" is a little strong no?

is cancer more fitting? thats accepted isnt it?

Not really. Ask someone whose family has been affected by cancer.

Its Bobs team and the fish stinks from the head. Bottom line is Bob has failed miserably. The 5 year plan is turning in to a ten year plan and thats just not acceptable IMO.

Its an analogy that is used a lot on here, cancer. I was meaning marcel was removed before he spread throughout the organization with negativity and ineptitude. I am new to posting but have seen cancer used to describe bad attitudes and troublemakers on here a lot. If the mods dont approve of me calling him a germ as an analogy then why in the world is the word cancer allowed?

I have been affected by cancer, I know the difference bettween an analogy and something sinister. Relax, its just a word.
For the record, cancer isnt an analogy I used. I said germ. If its against the roc then it will be removed.

Because this board is not moderated.

It's merely censored. Big difference. People insult others here all the time without reprecussions and personal attacks go on unabated. Just because a moderator doesn't come in and moderate doesn't make it right.

However, I fully understand your point, respect it, but disagree with it.

Too late. That ineptitude has been present well before Marcel got here.

BTW, I'm totally relaxed.