Whom will Lions fans cheer for in the Cup

Title says it all. Do BC Fans cheer the Riders or the Bombers for the Cup?

Might as well give the Riders the cup now. Winnipegs toast without Glenn.

I know that lol - just want to see whom the Lions fans will cheer for. Traditionally you cheer for the divisional team your in, just checking though.

i hope the east will pull for the Bombers....it's gonna be tough....Riders showed how good they are beating a very good leos team....BUT ...don't count the BigBlue out just yet...Berry has been saying all year that Dinwiddie can lead this team if need be....maybe he doesn;t have the reps....but he's been with the club for 2 years now...one advantage...Riders don't have any book on this guy.... :wink: :lol:

Nope, they don't, and as everyone knows, anything can happen in the CFL...

The West team even though Bombers are kinda a west team.

Ill be cheering for the Bombers cause there my #2. When Glenn went down I started pulling for Toronto because whoever would face a Glenn less team would win easily. Im interested to find out what the ratings will be for the GC with 2 west teams in it.

Traditionally, I go for the team that knocked mine out.

Not me. I'm cheering for the Bombers, just like I cheered for the Als in 05. Now, if Toronto had won...

...so you'd be pullin' for pretty much everyone then, eh Chief? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now THAT'S smack-talk...

Thanks... I'm gonna go cry now... :frowning:

I don't believe that to be true.....For me it all depends on who is playing....Many times I have ch eared for the west

lol - like this year, ro??

I was hoping maybe you'd fallen asleep chief.

That one might hurt for a couple days.


That is TBD :wink:

I want to hear SwervinMervin's answer to this one.

...i doubt that you'll be hearing from Mervin' anytime soon....he's probably run off the road somewhere... :roll:

get it. Off the road. “swervin”.