Whoever is going to Toronto . . . Goodluck

There is absolutely no chance I would even consider going to Toronto to watch this mess . . . I mean team.

I was there for that blow out loss 48-0 (I think that was the score) after the labour day game that we won. I can't even imagine how bad they will get killed this time.

Anyone care to guess how many ticat fans will be at this game??? I hope none for their sakes but I think there will be about 100.

Can't see many making the trek, either. And, I fear the Double Blue might break 60 points this week.

BTF's prediction: Toronto 65 Hamilton 7*

*one field goal, one safety, two singles

If I am willing to bet on the cats, how much odds will you give me??

You better play a lotto ticket if you're feeling that lucky because you'll have a better chance.

I'll give you 1,000,000 to 1 odds that they win this week. Toronto is having Damon Allen day and the team is going to be pumped. Hamilton is just coming off about as demorlizing a loss as it can get when it was close at half time.

Although, wouldn't it be something if the Cats thumped the Argos?

Hey if the cats can win this game what would be awesome. I thought they would win the last few homes games and look how they turned out. So I have stopped thinking they can win any more games this year.

To win the game, I would suggest the Cats' adjustments at halftime are this:

Go out and kick as many rouges as you possible can, boys!

The cats haven't made any adjustments at half time all year!

I refuse to go back to the "SKYDUMP" after the 1st game this year. They just don't know how to treat their guests.

Atleast we gave Allen a respectful applause after setting the record.

That is true. They were very rude after they killed us 48-0 last time I was there. But we may do the same to them when they come here, I don't know. It's a terrible place to watch a football game anyways.

I'll be there. I know I've had some issues in the past with fans there, but this year I have to say I haven't had a single problem. I've been made to feel very welcome and have had lots of fun with the guys/girls at the tailgates and the games.

Forgot the cats winning.... I'll be watching the game from home and if the cats even get a TD I'll take that as a reason to celebrate.

At least last year the thrill of winning Labour Day was still in action.

The Cats are going to win this week!

Damn straight!.....and we're gonna kick the living crap out of them too!

As Alice Cooper said:

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" .......

Knock them flat on their asses! :rockin:

and when they get up off their cute little tight bottoms
we are going to slap those little tooshs so hard! Wheeee!

and "frag" them, whatever that means.

I'll be there, hoping for a win, as I always do. If it doesn't happen, I'll still have had a good night of determined but socially responsible beer drinking with some good friends and then maybe hit a local drinking establishment to show off my tasteful Ticats chapeau.

But if they win, well then ... I'll sell my (fancy!) ticket stub to the highest bidder because a (fancy!) ticket stub from the game they couldn't in a million years win (but did) has got to be worth something to one of you, no?

This is the week we score a touchdown - I can feel it - and once that monkey is off our back, oooooooowheee. Cause you can take your logic, and your sound reasoning, and your detailed analysis of the season so far and throw it out the window because this is football and well, ya never know...

8) It is indeed a sad commentary that if we score a touchdown, that makes everything good again !!! That sure is not going to change the fact that we have not scored a touchdown in 16 straight quarters at home, and that in itself is simply pathetic !!!!

I definitely will not be going to Toronto to watch another fiasco, and have to put up with the abuse from Argo fans !!! It is enough of an embarassment and waste of money to even watch this teams performance at home, let alone on the road !!!

I would go if I thought we would send a team...I went last year too, sat there in my jersey..people didnt even make fun of me..it was like they felt sorry for me..I dont need hugs from Argo fans...I need afrigging team to cheer for.

Just for fun, cut the whole damn team and have local guys from Hamilton play in Toronto...Oh what a silly Idea..we would lose for sure..I bet we wouldnt even score a touchdown, wait...what would be the difference???!!! Do it !!!!