Whoa (woe) Bombers

Hard to believe it's going on a quarter century since my beloved Bombers won the Grey Cup. But this is just getting stupid. Now, they're too nicked up to even practice? (Source below) My freakin' oath.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/black-blue-and-gold-hurting-bombers-skip-practice]http://www.cfl.ca/article/black-blue-an ... p-practice[/url]

sometimes lifes a BIT muCH

If it makes you feel any better,we're banged up also after that game.As I said on an earlier post these two teams love to kick the snot out of each other!!! Speaking of snot go out and kick the snot out of the Double Blue team this week,do us all a favour,early on yet but me thinks that the East will come down to my CATS or you're BOMBERS!!! ARGOS=Flash in the pan gang ALS=End of the line gang CHEERS OVER AND OUT!!! :cowboy:

I like that Burke is taking charge and hopefully follows through with any changes that need to be made this includes the QB. Hamilton was able to stack the box as they say to stop the run game. This should open up things for a big play down field on a play action. We saw it a couple of times in game one with Denmark getting behind the defense but since then really has not happened. Watson has played great and getting open for some of the tough passes in traffic. Getting the big Matthews involved is on Buck. The back ups last season had no problem placing the ball up high where only Matthews can get it pierce has yet to do this. Also the back ups last year had Kito poblah as the other WR. We have already seen how much of an upgrade it is to have Denmark out there.
How long do you stick with Pierce if he cannot get the deep to keep defenses honest.
Mathews has been clearly upset with the lack of Pierce being able to deliver the ball to him where he can make a play on it. Denmark as well has not gotten anything deep since game one.
So while Burke may be on the receivers about not getting open last game it may be from a lot of frustration of not having a QB to deliver the ball.

I like the sounds of that bobo, hope you're right.