Whoa, there, Bomber fans

Glad for you that you got a much deserved win over my Ticats, but remember: the bottom can fall out quick. Lots of teams (like Hamilton) have been on hot streaks that turned ice cold quick.

The BC game is critical for you. If you can take those 2 points, you are on your way. If not...

Stop kicking the kittens…

we havent had a lot to cheer about this year so i plan on enjoying every minute of it.

but your right... our last stretch isnt easy... bc is better than the last time we played them, and mtl twice and we know trestman doesnt like to let up...but were playing as well now as we have all season, hopefully things continue to roll... looking more and more like ham vs wpg last game of the year will decide who gets home field and who goes home packing... best of luck to you on in two + the cats, but i still hope we smoke you here in week 19! :rockin:

The BC game is no more critical than the last 3...we need every win we can get from here on...

You will not beat Montreal (and you play them twice). You need to beat BC. Those two points are critical for you.

I think my Ticats will also get beat by Montreal. But I think we have a chance against both Toronto, and the Riders (especially now that Saskatchewan is without Dressler).

Glenn will start the remaining games for Hamilton. So in the last 4 weeks of the season, we won't be spotting teams a 2 TD lead before the offence kicks in.

I wouldn't be so sure about stopping our slow starts. Even when Glenn starts, receivers still drop, OL still crumbles like a wall made of loose dirt, Cobb runs directly into a defenders arms and from there you pray he doesn't pop out the football, etc. Our offensive scheme's suck too, we badly need a new OC.

We've seen Glen for the past few years here in the Peg. I don't mean to rain on your parade, but he is not a very good first half QB. Most of our wins with him at the controls were 2nd half victory's. I think you will need to get used to "catch up" football.

With that said - he is certainly your better QB for this year, and to be honest - I prefer him over Bishop! Overall I think he's a smarter QB. Bishop can sparkle, and Bishop can stumble - usually both in the same game. I prefer the consistancy Glen offers :smiley:

It will be game 18 deciding it all for the Cats and Bombers. Should be a great game!

.....I'm still waiting for Bishop to prove to everyone he does not run hot and cold...(maybe i'll have to wait a long time, who knows)..He has that tendency to over-play his hand...Kelly say he's a gun-slinger....that's his game....High risk, high reward...I'd rather see him play 'smart'...like a Calvillo...I know a lot of people say that isn't in his play-book....however...I think a qb. like Bishop is playing at the top of his game right now....has matured .. has a take-charge attitude...but hasn't quite put the last piece of the puzzle in place....IF he can grow a little more...together with his great physical qualities...he can take this team to a place a lot of fans thought was impossible....I like the repoire he has with Kelly...(look at them on the sidelines, obviously Mikes type of qb.)..Eliminating risky plays at crucial times is what Kelly should be imparting to him...Can this team be MORE successful in 09.....I think we can... :thup: :rockin:

Well he ran hot for 11 games back in Toronto. When 's the last time your Bombers won 11 straight ?

.....ya see that's just it.......HOT......i'd like to see him somewhere around mid-range on the playing temp. scale....get rid of a lot of risky options he always falls into...and be a little conserv. when you have to......

....when were the Bombers on an eleven game roll last.....man you're really stretching my memory....but i think it was the year we went 14 and 4....Khari was qb. and we LOST the Cup to Crandell and the stumps....i could be wrong though... :wink:

Bishop has played well in the last 4 games (yes I'm including the loss in Montreal) but I think he turned a major corner in the Argos game though. I can't recall him taking on such a leadership role before.

That was a very badly played game on both sides two teams with troubles, Bishop throws a horrible ball and forces it way to often, Ticats did not show up and made the Bombers look good until the 3rd and 4th quarter, it will all change very soon as the Bombers will probably win maybe 1 more of there remaining games, once Bishop goes in front of a better defence you will see alot more ints and fumbles, the guy is brutal. Its a tough go now.

Wasn't it 14 - 0 when Glenn entered the game and 31 - 0 before he even got them close to the goal line !

I assume you were at the game and saw the Bomber defence drop into a 4 deep zone with about 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter ?? They were giving the TiCat receivers 15 - 20 yard cushions on their drops.

Shouldn't you be combining or plowing your stubble ????

Your opinion is not wanted here, run along.

Glenn was just named starter for the Montreal game. The Bombers were in a prevent for a while, but tightened things up later when the Cats were staging a comeback. Glenn still moved the ball well at that point.

BAD = Being able to count total GREY CUP victories on one hand. With two fingers to spare.

:lol: ouch...

No I'm living in Manitoba i would rather hunt and fish right now :slight_smile:

....just go back to the last few games in the last game on turkey day.....Glenn was cleaning-up in garbage time....and THEN when it all seemed the cats were ready for an explosive ending.....WHAT?????did Glenn do....chucks one up for Craver....Sorry there on-in-two...we've seen that picture too many times in the Peg.... :wink: Glenn is what he is .....a no 2 qb.,,,trying to look like a no 1.

....nothing wrong with hunting and fishing....i suggest you stick to it... :wink: