who you going to cheer for now that playoffs are here

Will the Playoffs Start Next Week.
With us Again.. :frowning:

Since Where Out I am Cheer for Danny Mac and The Stamps.

Who are you Cheering for and Why?

Da Bears!

I could care less, this has probably been the most boring season in the CFL that I can remember. They should put last nights game on DVD and sell it as a cure for insomnia.

Montreal, because I hate the Argos and Bombers.

ABA - anyone but the blue team

screw the stamps there cocky n i hate em!

You stole mine…lol

Good call. :wink:

Living here, I get to see the Als and Als coverage more than any other team. They are my second choice.

I am a Raider fan in the NFL, so I'm already in draft watch mode! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Go Green riders

Go Raps

McMaster Marauders

Since the Ti-Cats (the team I live and die for) and the Eskimos (if it can't the the Ti-Cats let it be the Eskimos. Been a fan of them since NEIL Lumsden went there) are out and the two teams I HATE the most (blue team and the Riders) are in, it's down to a choice of four teams.

I'm not a big fan of the Al's and they have been playing like crap for the past month and a half. The Bombers could just go away and I really wouldn't care, and the Lions, well I could take or leave them. So though process of elimination, it's the Stamps for me.

Real fun way to watch the playoffs, I'll tell ya.

The boys in blue polyester

An Argo fan

Not sure why, but I've always liked the Riders.

I've hated the Riders ever since they ruined our perfect season in 2003. :twisted: :wink:

Good one. Quite a few people might support the local team that can win some games. They just won another one-sided one, as you can see if you click here.

Anyway, it is unfortunate there wasn't a poll option for most Ticat fans 2nd favourite team. Yes, I'll at least initially support Winnipeg, Montreal, and any other team that might play against the blue team. And it's good to see Winnipeg doing well tonight, but what happned to Montreal today?

But I predict that by Grey Cup Sunday, I'll support those cats on the west coast. (Even though I'll certainly won't be supporting them tonight.)

I voted for the Stamps but it was a close call between them and the Riders. I'll always choose to watch the CFL over the NFL even if the Ticats are out of the playoffs. We just have a better game IMHO.

NO ONE.. screw football now.. HOCKEY is on and THAT is where my attention is going... cya's next year

I'm with Winnepeg...but as long as Toronto doesnt win im happy (Sorri Argo fans but thats just my up-bringing)