Who writes this crap?

From the CFL website previewing tomorrow nights game.

Nothing irks me more than to read copy that is totally inaccurate ... this scribe doesn't know his facts.

Tackle: The Offensive Line was one of the major weaknesses for the Tiger-Cats and right tackle was a position that needed to be addressed in the off-season. The Cats want to move last year’s LT Charles Thomas over to the right side and compete with Marco Cavka for that position. On the left side it is Jon’ta Woodard’s job to lose.

the right tackle did need to be addressed but the only was one of our strength. each one of our back last year don't have a 100 yrd game each. With out a solid oline

I hear you. Although even Woodard was up-and-down like a toilet seat at times re his performance and the tackle spots were the weakest area of the line, the O-line was one of the strengths of the Cats last year. How anyone could overlook their capacity to run block (especially when Lumsden was healthy) and the CFL all-star performance of C Marwan Hage is a bit mystifying, IMHO!

Oski Wee Wee,

My point is that Charles Thomas was not one of our tackles last year - he is a Free Agent signing.

I agree with diesel, that sort of sloppiness is embarrassing on the CFL official website. They do it on the Montreal~Toronto preview as well, referring to Proulx as having been Montreal's safety last year........whereas in fact it was Boulay who was the starting safety for the Als last year.