Who Wrecked The CFL?

It is common knowledge that Jacque Lemair invented the trap..... (that almost destroyed the NHL)
I'm curious ...who gets the blame for tranforming the CFL from a league where 60-80 points were scored per game....to the 30-40 points we seem to be getting now...
Don't forget....offences are always ahead of defences coming out of camp....so the amount of scoring you see now...will probably go down .....

Actually its the other way around...its the D that is always ahead

In 2004 when McManus threw for 1500 yards in the first 4 games.... all the comentators went on how the defence would catch up

To him....In general the D the is always ahead
Besides, when is the last time there was a 80 point game, total?

This is football, not basketball. I have no problem with 30-40 point games.

alot of the teams this year have new coaches, new systems and new QBs.

printers 1st camp with the cats, KJs first with the argos, pierce and jacksons 1st as starters in BC, crandals first in sask…so ofcourse the offences are gonna get off to a slow start.

The “greatest Grey Cup of Alltime” in 89 had 83 points…Last years grey Cup had a single digit score card at half time.
The Argos averaged 40 pts a game in 90. I think the Lions led the league last year with 27 pts…
Draw your own conclusions.

Defense are the one's that usually start the year with good games so it's not that surprising really.

in 1990 the Argos averaged 38
In 2005 The Als averaged 33
Big deal

Nothing wrong with the game. OFfenses are going up field but can't score. Referees are calling waasay too many stupid penalties though.

I think things started going downhill for the league around the time a guy named blin showed up. :twisted:

HAHAHA....funny cuz its TRUE

I'm so glad he said that before I had to...I mean really...someone had to, right?

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Wow, first time i agree with you in 2 years..haha. It's true it usually takes a few weeks to get the offense going. It's easier to destroy things then create things, and thats what offense does.

NA! We must have agreed before that! :wink:

I know we agreed before like on how big of an eyesore the Big O is. I know you live near it too.

Agree how the league D has taken over and with the various schemes, match ups and also it is cyclical I hope.