Who would your quarterback be?

For those of you who do not live in Manitoba, a request has been put out by the Bombers Beat writer, Ed Tait. He would like to know which CFL quarterback you would build your team around if you were starting a new team. Please give reasons as well.

This poll is open to ALL CFL fans. Ed would like to here opinions from fans of all CFL teams

Please send your suggestion to


Ed says thanks for your consideration!

Ricky Ray without question, but unlike the Eskies having some pass protection would be nice.


...I would defer the decision to my ultra-experienced GM and veteran Head Coach and keep my nose out of the football side of things, I've got a franchise to run you know...

(most likely Ray, then Burris, then Jackson)

Buck Pierce or Henry Burris.

Burris is too old to build a team around imo. He is playing great right now but he has probably only got a few more good years in him.

Buck Pierce would be my choice.

Casey Printers :slight_smile:

Richie "hasn't thrown a ball more than 10 yards yet" Williams?


Marcus Crandell

I think that Henry Burris is the best QB in the league, but I'd build my team around Casey Printers because he is young and marketable.

Ray, Glenn and Printers are all about the same age. Both Ray and Printers peeked too early in their careers and likely won't ever enjoy that same level of success again. Only Glenn has continued to improve every year, the sky's the limit for the soon to be league MOP. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it remains to be seen who is doing what in this league 3-5 yrs from now.

Doug Flutie!

but honestly; out of the now players, i'd probably ask 4 guys to camp to contend for the spot. Spergon Wynn, Ben Sanky, Ritchie Williams, and Joshua Sacobie... I'd find my #1 from that group and see who else shows up to camp, to figure out what i was working with.

HAHAHAHAHA :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

It would depend on if your trying to win a few games this year or not.