Who would you want as your Five in the Defensive secondary?

My five are:

Safety: Kyries Hebert /Bombers

Corners: Dante Marsh / Lions
Jordan Younger / Argos

DB’s: Byron Parker / Argos
Korey Banks / BC

You gotta have that Phyllips guy in there, he's got like 100 interceptions already.

Marsh/ Phillips/Parker/Younger/Hebert

Alltime corner Rod Hill

Parker/Phillips/Hebert/Younger/Eddie Davis for his leadership

my brother, my father, my sister, my uncle, and my cousin


Dante Marsh (CB)
Byron Parker (DB)
Barron Miles (FS)
Ryan Phillips (DB)
Davis Sanchez (CB)


Jordan Younger (CB)
Eddie Davis (DB)
Kyries Hebert (FS)
Randy Drew (DB)
Brandon Browner (CB)

Marsh, Miles, Philips, Banks, Washington. LOL

The funny part is, Washington doesn't even start for the Lions....

Lots of good players to choose from for this.
One could almost go with all 5 Argos...
But I'm going to go with:

Safety: Orlando Steinhauer.
Corners: Byron Parker and Omar Morgan.
Half:Eddie Davis and Korey Banks.

Safety: Kyries hebert.
Corners: Lavar Glover and James Johnson
Halfs: Kenny Wheaton and Chip Cox.

It was a toss up between Washington and Glover. LOL

I'd just take BC secondary. can't argue with the stats.

Good point.
You can't argue with the stats.
So you want all 5 Argos as your starters, considering they lead every defensive passing stat in the book, except for one.
They are only tied with BC for most interceptions.

Not to get in pissing match because it was a joke but...

Toronto: 16 pts

BC: 23 pts

BC has created 50 turnovers to Toronto's 41.

The only important stat is wins. So the edge goes to BC. When Toronto leads the league (assuming they're still in the league lol)
I'll pick them.

If it ain't broken don't fix it.

Once again, not to get in a pissing war, since I know rider fans like to whine.

Your starters look like a solid team with an astronomical amount of interceptions against any of the current recieving corps. But if they played against an all-star QB with a penchant for the deep ball and the leagues five best recievers, they'd look more like the cast of NBC's Poker After Dark.


If "like to whine" means graduated from high school, continued their educations in a post-secondary discipline and followed the CFL with great passion and attention since kindergarten(some before even) through the life of their education. Then OK. Bahahahahahaaa!


I was referring to the earlier thread saying that Saskatchewan fans like to whine.

If you don’t want a pissing match, don’t start one.
Of course what you said was a joke, because you couldn’t possibly have been serious…
I thought I joked back at you–perhaps a little sarcastically–maybe I was wrong?