who would you trade for some more draft picks?

im just curious here on a boring tuesday night... do the bombers have any guys on the roster that we could get rid of for maybe a couple 2nd round picks or maybe another 1st and 3rd rounder or something? this draft is supposed to be quite deep and i see we only have 4 picks.. thats pretty crappy, looks like we lost apick to edmonton in the lefors deal, a pick to bc in the bates deal (that sucks) and a pick to calgary but we also got a pick from calgary too. only problem here is we pick 6th then we dont pick until like the 4th round really.

who is tradeable here on our team as it stands?

Hamilton would probably trade you their second round pick (the 5th selection) for Mike Renault. Hamilton is in the market for a Canadian punter.

The Argos would be the likely source of a trade, based on all their picks, and I'm not real pumped about making another (see Hamilton last year) division rival stronger again.

I'd maybe wait till next season, depending how we do this year, before trading away the last of our veteran players, we don't have many left anyways, so we'd just be giving up a good young player for a big ?????

There are a few player's that could be on the bubble that would bring us more picks and possibly a player in return as well and this is based on my analysis that these player's can be replaced with player's already on the roster or elsewhere.

Terrence Edwards
Ike Charlton
Fred Reid
Ryan Donnelly
Luke Fritz
Glenn January
Brock ralph

If we are going with younger player's then these guys mentioned above could be good trade bait.

I can agree with that list, but....

There would have to be a need for it, like Calgary last year needing receivers, otherwise I think teams will just grab what they need from free agency and the scrap heap. The SMS seems to have changed the dynamic of acquiring veteran players.

Reid is the only player on that list who would generate any trade interest.

I diagree, i think Edwards and Ralph would also generate generate interst, even a pick for Ralph would be fine with me. Edwards would give us an early round pick or a younger WR!!

lol renaud.. maaan i dont think so. the guys gonna be here a while. soo yeah go find your punter elsewhere.. maybe westwood for a 2nd rounder :stuck_out_tongue: haha

i agree with the list tho that the bomber fans have compiled there.

january,ike,terrence,reid...ralph.. all these guys should be able to fetch us some picks.

agreed and alot are easily replacable… If we could get a 1st rounder for January that would be amazing as we will probably draft someone similar in the draft anyways. I strongly think we need to make a huge pitch for one of those LB’s for sure our LB’s are getting old.

If we could get 2 1st rounder’s and keep ours we’d be looking really well ( Reid can easily generate 1st rounder from T.O) and if we could snatch another somewhere else maybe ship Edwards and January to BC for there 1st that scenario would be amazing but highly unlikely we can dream cant we.

No one is going to trade a 1st round pick for an import o-lineman.

ya i find it unlikely we get anyones first round picks but like maybe a 2nd or 3rd for january would be possible. id even take a 3rd or a 4th rounder.. honestly getting anything in return for an american lineman would be a good deal but.... id suspect january stays here. Just sayin but the guys a friend of doug brown's, not that that really matters but at the same time id suspect january is prolly a good guy to keep around, he seems to stay here year round. more guys like him are needed.

i think the guys mentioned who could possibly fetch a 1st rounder or maybe a couple 2nd round picks are reid edwards and ralph even (only because he is a canadian)

o my bad i thought January was canadian in that case he'd have to be pkg'd with Ralph or something

Keep dreaming Renault will be a Bomber for a long time!!!

Well he better be. With what the Bombers have to offer on offense, it looks like the punter is going to be the most important player on that team for years to come. Only worry would be fatigue, as I'm sure he will be the most used player on the squad.

....How do you know what we have to offer on offence...We haven't even come come close to unveiling our 2010 squad....Unless you have a crystal ball and can see into the future... i suggest you are are totally out to lunch :lol: :lol:

obviously you’re not a bomber fan so keep on trollin trollin trollin. if u are i suggest you rethink what being a fan means.

Yup, another melonhead from the crotch.

That raiding worked out well for The Professor last year, didn't it?

The raiding was fine, it was the Professor himself who was flawed.

Well you certainly came back for seconds this offseason!