Who would you trade for and who would you trade?

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I saw this article about Winnipegs woes and wondered if a deal could be reached between the Cats and the Bombers.

Which of their "under achievers" would you trade for and who would you trade away.

Goodspeed would be the only one. Maybe Canada.

Depends who would be available…trading with a team that one is in direct competition with for a playoff spot isn’t usually something that one should be salivating over, IMHO.

I would rather wait for the underachievers to be axed and pick them up via the waiver wire than have to trade any tradeable asset from a 5-22 program. There aren’t a heck of a lot of underachieving guys on the Cats roster who have ANY trade value. Sad but true. We have a lot of young guys, particularly in the secondary, who are developing and who I wouldn’t trade, frankly.

Trading lower draft picks as part of a package might be an option. Under no circumstances should our highest draft pick in 2009 be traded unless it is leverage as part of a deal for an immediate impact starter!

Oski Wee Wee,

I would trade all my worst players for all of their best players.

8) Heard the Bombers beat reporter for the Winnipeg Sun on the Fan 590 the other day and he said that if the Bombers lose this next game, look for another big trade by them !!
 He said there will be a lot of changes coming with this team !!                    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

we're talking wpg, there are a handful of players on the wpg roster that if, all things being equal, i would trade for. although there are many players the cats could do without, the question was who would you trade and unfortunately the cats don't have many players that other teams would be interested in via trade.
here's my list of guys i would acquire from the peg.
derick armstrong-import R deep threat the cats desperately, desperately need to play with rodriguez and give guidance.
romby bryant-see above.
ike charlton-imp lb-move guys around to accomodate knowlton and moreno.
terence edwards- import R good possession guy, see armstrong.
arjei franklin-non import R major cdn upgrade to position to play with bauman.
jerome haywood-import DT, bulldozer, character, heart.need i say more.
gavin walls-import DE. almost became a cat in proposed maas trade, brings the heat for real, more than what i can say about anyone since joe.

guys to unload via trade
t.miles-expendable, aren't they all at this point?
nautyn mckay-not lived up to billing coming over from b.c.

as i said there are others but they would'nt garner any interest via trade, they're closer to getting cut than getting traded.

city legend

The best Bomber worth trading for is Romby Bryant (the next Stegall) and he is untouchable.

But if we can get the Bombers to temporarily lose their sanity, I would trade them McKay for any starter who fills a need for us (i.e. O or D line, or receiver).

The Big Chief has really stunk out the joint this year. Is he banged up, or did he lose a step?

Actually when I started this thread I was only referring to the four Bombers who were listed as recent re-signings but not living up to the expectations. Hell…I’d love to see Derek Armstrong or Romby Bryant in Ticat jerseys but unfortunately the colour of the sky in my world is blue.

I also realize that the Cats don’t exactly have big names worth trading…but we do have some players that have shown great potential…Caulley…Lumsden…Tre Smith…Rodriquez…Walker…Baumen???

To get a guy like Armstrong or Bryant you will have to give something up. Terry Cauley would have been a good choice but now that the Bombers have Smith probably won't happen. You guys do need a receiver in a bad way though.

Trades are tough to make with SMS unless you can trade comparable salaries.
The Bombers might be interested in McKay though for their ratio needs. Brown isn't getting any younger and they are not getting Mace from the Bills anytime soon it appears.
I would think the Ticats would want more then Walls in return as McKay is capable of being a non-import starter. Maybe a high draft pick as well.