Who would you take as a QB right now??

I would take Joseph as he is running a good offense now and Also makes a lot less money than Bank Burris. Plus hes not so hot an cold as Burris. Plus i just dont like Burris.

Oh and being a rider fan has nothing to do with my response :slight_smile:

KJ all the way. Burris panics too much and throws the ball in the wrong spots. He is also way more inconsistant than KJ this year so far.

Also I too do not like him.

KJ: :thup:
Burr-Ass: :thdn:

This poll is silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the question even need to be asked? KJ hands down.

How do you base this poll? On Three games? or several seasons.

This is a "loaded" poll, designed to stir things up. Judging by the previous posters, (who are all Riders) obviously none of the Calgary posters are taking the bait!

I would take BURRIS! HAHAHA no i wouldnt just kidding KJ all the way!!!!!

Just for the record, I'm an Edmonton fan first.

I know chief, I saw the first three signatures.

Burris is the greatest QB in the world you are all nuts! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I really can't say I'm drawing a line between Burris and Joseph, but I sure do think the coaching that Kerry is getting has upped his productivity.
I've posted it before but at his best Kent Austin knew how to control the pocket and was able to check down to his back without tipping it off. Kerry is, so far doing the same things.

What ever it is they are doing you can bet that other teams DC's are going to change to attack it. But it is good to see that the Barrett? Shivers act is being left behind (sorry Arius).

The difference between this year's Riders and the last few years is that they are prepared to play in the 1st quarter and not the 3rd and 4th. The players know that if they dont perform, they are going to be riding the bench or cut, they dont have a coach is going to coddle them. As of right now, KJ has been the better QB, and I chose him in this poll--it was a total homer pick.

I've got nothing against Henry Burris, looks to me that he has lost his confidence though.
I picked Kerry Joseph as the league MVP last year and I haven't changed my opinion. So it has to be Joseph for me.
I still think the best QB for the CFL is a Kerry Joseph or a Michael Bishop type. The problem is keeping them healthy.

Man i get a kick out of you rider fans. Even bomber
fans have come to realize nothings won in July.

Lets save this poll for Oct/Nov.

Im considering cheering for the Lions tonight, just to bring you guys back to earth. I think things will get seriously]stupid around here if you win.

Not all of us have our heads in the clouds, Esky....

Theres two or three of you that realize its a long season,
where most teams will struggle at some point.

I wasnt including you with the others.

Im hoping for a couple good games tonight, lastnight was

All I can say is Roy Shivers is looking pretty smart right about now...

It obvious to anyone that this poll was done by the author with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, you are the only one taking it seriously. The poll does say who you would take right now. The situation could be very different come Oct/Nov. Just like you Im hoping for two good games tonight, no matter who wins or loses. Any poll on this forum should be taken with a hugely generous grain of salt, no matter what the subject may be.

Eskylo welcome to Alice in Riderland!