Who would you start at QB next week?

Too bad the Lions handed Hamilton the game last week. Tonight's win would have been 4 in a row! But the win is good regardless.

Not sure what's going on with Printers. Two fumbles late in the game last week and three fumbles tonight. Is it any wonder Wally took him out? Three fumbles by your QB and there's got to be a problem. So who do you start next week? It's not like Lulay is without his own problems but there's got to be some reason why Printers keeps coughing up the ball like that. Nerves? Poor concentration? Self-doubt? A combination of all three?

I've no idea what happened to Calgary tonight. Rambo, Reynolds and the red hot Burris were just not there. Sometimes this happens with great teams that are on a roll. Interestingly, this makes two losses in a row for Calgary. One wonders if there's a pattern evolving. Calgary's game was simply off. It is no different than a pro golfer or pro tennis player. Some days you can do no wrong. On other days everything falls apart no matter what you do.

Nevertheless, there were lots of good things with the Lions tonight. Pastasteve noted some of them on the other thread. You gotta love Davis. This guy is a keeper for sure. Just when you think he's going to be dropped he engineers a run of mammoth proportions! Robertson too was playing like he was possessed. The most pleasant surprise in my books is seeing how McCallum has raised the level of his game. With Sean White chomping at the bit to take over the position I guess McCallum figured the position is not a given.

The D played like they had the receivers covered with blankets. There were times when Burris had so much time to pass he could have autographed the ball, his jersey, both of his shoes, and waved to the fans but still no one was open to pass to.

It's not often you see Burris get sacked for a 26 yard loss or see him running with the ball only to fumble it after a huge gain.

The Lions deserve full credit for the win and it may well be that the monkey is off their back and they're beginning to play at the level they're capable of playing. Tonight was a pleasant surprise. It was especially sweet given that it happened in Calgary.

I do hope the RoughRiders text a big thank you to Wally and the boys!

I'd start Dave Dickensen next week.
Seriously, as I said on the other thread, I think Casey's head isn't in it right now. I think Travis should start; in fact I think Jarious should be his main backup.
I'm no Shrink, but I think Casey's his own worst enemy. I believe he's trying to recreate 2004 all over again - when he was in the zone - when it all clicked. I think it's too rooted in his subconcious; he's trying too hard to get it back. The answer? I don't know, but my bet is that it's more mental than anything else. I think Kansas City and subsequent gig in Hamilton messed him up. Every once in a while you see flashes of 2004 brilliance - like last game; and then he suddenly looses it - like it as never there. Call it inconsistent, but I sense there's more to it than just his focus.

Casey has to get over this fumble problem before the post-season and the sooner the better. Had Lulay played a half-decent game I would consider starting him but he didn't help the Lions O much at all, with the exception of that one play to Paris. If Printers can turn out a solid first half against Winnipeg, and he deserves the chance to prove he can, then the Lions should be safe again.

I think next season Lulay stays as a backup for development, Printers is traded away, and Jackson to hold the clipboard and pick it up if a new starter can't cut it. The Lions are the norm these days though in not having a stable and franchise guy as the starter.

PastaSteve expressed really well I think what many of us even not with the Lions as our team had thought about Printers in that he is strangely at some level beyond inconsistent.

Start Printers against Winni....last chamce to prove himself. If that doesn't work then we are doomed anyway cause Lulay doesn't have the experience to finish the year. Not sure on JJ's health??

I would like to see chap go in a QB and take all that punishment for a game. Then he might decide to do something about it

Develop Lulay. Printers is a one hit wonder (2004). Jackson makes too many dumb decisions (like Printers) on the field.

Where's Zac Champion when you need him? :wink:

I can see your point but we don't know the potential Lulay has. Remember Lulay had little to no experience when his first pro start last year in Winnipeg and they won that game. So who to say he can't finish the Regular season? You have to keep in mind Chapalane has alot to do with the play selection with certain QB. I notice the play selections were more conservitive with Lulay behind the helm them it would have with Casey.


I think Chapdelaine played it conservatively for 2 reasons:

  1. Lulay has a propensity to throw interceptions.
  2. The Lions blew their lead against Hamilton the previous game by having a terrible 4th quarter. They didn't want to repeat that mistake

Both of these QB's have strengths but they both lack in the consistency department. I don't know how much experience Lulay will need to become more consistent. I get very nervous when I see him go into the game. I never used to. Printers certainly has the experience so I don't know what's going on there. When the QB fumbles the ball twice in the previous game ultimately contributing to the loss and then comes back in the next game and fumbles no less than 3x before the first half is over the coaches and players have got to be getting ulcers.

By the sounds of it Wally is going to start Lulay. I'm good with that because like I said, 5 fumbles by the QB in consecutive games warrants a QB change. The question is, if Lulay starts throwing like a loose* cannon and gives the ball up do you go with Jackson or Printers? I'd go with Jackson.

  • Pastasteve- notice how the word "loose" was used? [just kidding you :wink: ]

Beagle - I'd go with Jackson as backup as well. Casey needs to clear his head.
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Is Jarious Jackson still injured? I'm surprised we haven't seen him more this year.