Who would you rather have..

Keith or Gavin Walls?

Keith he didnt cost anything but Salary

Keith. Young, cheap and effective.

Plus, getting Piercy for Maas now allows us to trade Radelien or Piercy for another need.

shouldnt it be walls or piercy? isnt that the question you meant?

Why? If we had traded for Walls like you wanted then Keith would not be here. And I would much rather have Keith, he is better than Walls and isn't making as much.

one is a two time all star and one has played 3 games. good thng you arent gm. So you still wouldnt want walls over piercy? we couldnt trade walls for someone else if you really want to keep kieth? gms that are doing there job trade to make the team better. piercy doesnt, walls could either on the field or in another deal, stupid poll. The marcel appoligists will be all over this one LOL.

Oh we could really Walls eh?

Well if he is so coveted why hasn’t any other team made a trade for him yet? have you asked youself that? Maybe Winnipeg is asking too much for him. Maybe, just maybe this amazing trade we could’ve made wasn’t so amazing.

How about BOTH????
That was an option. We could have had BOTH of them. Especially with the luxury of having McKay--a Cdn--starting at one end. What a great combination having 3 ends like that!!!
Talk to me about money...I know....we have no money....other teams somehow do, though. Other teams have money for good players...just not us.

No one has said we have no money. We aren't blowing the bank for sake of blowing it though. We are trying to build and bring in young players who will be here for years. At the end of the season if we had of picked up Walls and he leves it's Maas for nothing.


Didn't they front load Printers' contract for this year because of the cap space we had before we signed him? Logically, we probably don't have a lot cap space now aside from being able to bring in some low salary players for tryouts for the rest of this year.

While it is hard to find a real intimidating, consistent presence at DE, you have to admit, it is one of the easier positions to fill on a CFL roster.

I like Charlton Keith and am glad to have him. So it's all a moot point now anyways!

  • paul

Well since we seem to lack all star calibre players whove played this game for more then 1/2seasons ill chose walls a proven vet who has been an allstar its silly to even compare a guy who has had 3 or 4 game expierence. id want someone whose proven himself over the long haul.