Who would you rather date your SISTER??????????????????


Tell me honestly who would you rather date your sister: Give reasons why and why not

  1. Chris Walby
  2. Stompin' Tom Connors
  3. Danny Macoicha (however you spell it?)
  4. Troy Westwood
  5. Ben Mulroooooney
  6. Brian Mulroooney
  7. Stephen Harper
  8. Don Matthews
  9. Casey Printers
  10. Jason Maas
  11. Friday the 13th's Jason
  12. Tiger Woods
  13. Tiger Williams
  14. Milt Stegall
  15. All of the Rolling Stones! :cowboy: :lol:

Well Turkey the answer was you! :lol:

Nobody. I would rather my sister be a lesbian.

Turkeys sister would too!

Of that list. Tiger woods man.

Luckily I don't have a Sister.

I don't have a sister either, so i'am going with the stones. I love the stones man! Gimme Shelter is my favorite song of all time! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Ben Mulrooney,

But why is this on the Main Forum? Should be in Other topics.

Agreed but look who posted it the nervous Turkeynuts.

I didn't see Marion Butts on the list He gets my vote.

I think you got the wrong Butts there. I think you were going more towards Seymour. :lol:

yo rider fans. just outt agood fun. but chances are either ur mom's, or daughters could possibly be ur sisters. HA lol. jk. i wouldn't really care what my sisters did.

What? Oh yeah that joke is so funny dude. Get some originality.

How about I punch you in the face?!? Don't worry footbalmad it was just a joke.

Someone is sensitive. Was the family reunion confusing?

this thread fails

lol. i know the insest is the oldest joke in the book. but u cna never fail with a classic idea. although very poorly worded.

I never had a real sister, but I did have a foster sister. I wouldnt have wished her on Hitler.

lol right on youbet right on

Wow , that title really had me doing a double take... Turkey you had me wondering about some of those imbred accusations made between Riders and Bombers fan bases a while back for a minute .