Who would you prefer

I would prefer Montreal; just to really shut them up. Also no Bighill or Eliminen who should have beaten up the YUL Oline.

What's the point of hypothetical arguments - could also say, what if Montreal had won the game? we would be out of the playoffs or what if Ottawa hadn't been in the league this year - we would only have 6 wins.

What hypothetical argument the poster is asking who you want to play? What`s with all the negativity today slimjim this is the second thread you have jumped on?

For the record I would rather play BC. I dont like playing the same team back to back. The second game always seems to be a lot tougher to win. Although we are palying at home as opposed to away, and Montreal does not have a good playoff record vs the TiCats in recent games. Really doesnt matter though we will beat either one. :rockin:

Upon further consideration, I'm going to go with Montreal, because Montreal's weaker offense plays far more into our strength at defense. While BC would certainly suffer more travel effects then Montreal, I think keeping the East final with the East I'd prefer, and

I would prefer B.C. because after we beat them we could hitch a ride on their charter plane back to Vancouver the next day,
Because we would be playing there the next week for the Grey Cup!!!

Id prefer Mtl just to show that the East wasn't a joke this year and to shut up all those western conference ppl

I would rather meet B.C., they are a weaker team than Montreal. B.C.'s strength is their pass defence, but have a weak offence. Montreal is overall a better team with a stronger defence and a big play offence. B.C. backed into the playoffs in the last half of the season with only wins against Ottawa and Winnipeg. Montreal finished strong with only two losses in the last ten.

Just hoping they beat the hell out of each other.

If Montreal wins on Sunday, I'm making a thread in CFL Talk entitled...

Dear West, You're not so special. The East

I would think that would be an exceptionally akward flight to the BC, and for some reason I picture Simoni Lawrence going up to a BC player and saying "U Mad Bro?"