Who would YOU pick?

Who’d you pick for head coach if Daley got…ermmm…punted? :?:

I know this wouldnt happen but id like to see another CIS coach come up to coach, I’m gonna say Blake Nill, partly because he used to be my neighbour, but also is a great coach and once played in the cfl, he coaches St.Marys in Halifax right now which are always tops in the leagues and have won many titles. Give him a shot!

You read my mind. Some new Canuck Blood would be great.

I mentioned that on another thread, thanks GoEsks. Yeah, they should definitely look at Blake Nill if Daley doesn’t start pulling his socks up.

I would think Mike Gibson, the Bombers current Off Cord, he likes to throw the ball which is what we need right now.

I don’t know, except I’m starting to think that Daley and co. has got to go cuz the team isnot going anywhere!

I say a Canadain with a winning record. Daley is 5-10 or something, NOT GOOD!!!

Gibson from the current organization would give us a leg up…how about Stubler from TO. the guy with the odd hand signals…ALSO may as well gas Taman and start fresh with a new GM. :idea:

Well I have to admit, I am actually a closet Daley fan, I like his approach in that his team will be technically sound once they get the bugs worked out. He is a perfectionist, maybe not as animated as old Dave was, but he does have a plan and is sticking to it, no matter how bad they look now, which I have to admire. I think we are all just disappointed in how much work needed to be done with this bunch. Aside from the odd gaffe on special teams, the defense really does look pretty darn good compared to last year and they appear to have sorted out the running game and oline. So I guess now we can expect the passing game to come around in a game or two. Wonder whats going to happen when Glenn is back, does he start, probably unless Martin starts ripping it up in the next game or two, what am I saying.

I think that’s a pretty good analysis Pigseye. Hopefully you’re right. Personally, I have my doubts about Daley, but I do think that many of us, myself included are quick to forget that he succeeded in doing a decent job to right our sinking ship last season. Ritchie’s last days here were pretty ugly.

that was last season, now this season he is crap!

Easy Kanga, I dont think Daley is crap, even if I dont have much faith in Taman, I do think Bower has the teams best interest in heart. He is bomber to the bone and wouldnt let this deteriorate to the point of a 1 - 17 season.

We can only hope he doesn’t. With Edmonton and Montreal coming up…I’d be happy if we were 1-4 by July 23.

How much would it take to get Mike Riley back? Ritchie would never have let the offence get this bad. Daley is not head coach material, his perfectionist nature makes him a great assistant but his persona is lacking.

There not much for experienced coaches available, a CIS coach may be the answer.

Mike Riley? Wow that would be swell, goosh darn it. I don’t think we’ll ever see Mike back in the CFL. Him and DEE are destine to stay on the south side of the boarder. NFL scouts make more than our head coaches do, don’t they? Just quessing here.
Though maybe as a GM.


Walby? You have a better chance with me coaching than Walby.

I think your problem is more with Taman than Daley. I have to agree with Pigseye about Daley. He’s in rebuilding mode. I think with the right recruitment, you’ll see some positive change soon.


don’t worry sportsmen, sarcasm was implied. i haven’t completely lost it yet. if there was any chance at riley i would be happy. kelly would be interesting… not sure how i feel about it.

dosen’t sound like Daley is getting rave reviews so far this year…I’d like him to have a little more time to put something together with this team…but if we come up with anymore disasters and few and far between wins I’d say the writing will be on the wall…and who always wears the crap…usually the coach. :!:

Daley needs & deserves more time. He blew it with the rebuilding thing, but he’s been given squat to work with.

That being said, I really don’t like the guy’s style, and I wish we’d kept Ritchie, despite his own shortcomings.