Who would you pick if...

...you could have lunch with any active player or coach in the CFL?

My pick: Wally Buono

The guy's in the top three in so many coaching categories, it's just too hard to ignore his accomplishments. It would be interesting get an idea of what makes him tick and how he evolved as a coach.

I'd probably say at this point...Tom Canada, he just seems like such a carefree fun guy, it'd be great to hang out with him.

I would pick Fred Perry...because Wally B is still so upset with him...that he keeps a picture of the famous hit in his office.

How about ET with Hillbilly… oh wait , already happened… ok I would say it would be good to have a couple of beers with … wait for it… Henry Burris. He is still one my favourite players in this league. It would be good to have a chat with him.

Milt Stegall would be my choice, I would spend the whole lunch trying to convince him to play one more year...and pick up the tab.. :smiley:

Rob Murphy so I can ask him how it felt to kick Braidwood’s ass.

aint even close

Bring on the Pinball.

Maybe Aaron Hunt, his smile and positive demeanour are contagious.

…aw, don’t you just love love?..

…Pinball for me…

Pinball for me.

If it's a corn roast we're going to, then Burris and Pinball are out. Wally's been in BC too long, all he wants now is granola. I'm thinking Cahoon, so he could show me the night life in Montreal.

that seems a strange thing to do at lunch

the turtle man definately. gotta talk to the hero of my team.

Good pick footballmad.
The Class act of the CFL..
I was kidding about the Tab..
Would be a lunch of a lifetime..

There a few guys Id like to meet.

Pinball, Fred Perry, Jason Armstead, Milt Stegall.

And because hes such an ass when he talks and isnt afraid to speak his mind, Roy Shivers.

Fred Perry would be interesting...
He is at the top of his game...
Barron Simpson would be another one..
Both guys have a hard work ethic going for them.
Something Stegall shares also...

Jason Mass, yeah that's right.

Jamall Johnson - hands down, no question

It's always pinball.

Canada, Roberts and Milt are good options. But how can it not be Pinball?

The better question would be which group would you have lunch with?

Roberts/Pinball/Stegall would be a great Convo going.

I'd love to meet Ron 'Goldie' McClendon, he seems like quite the character.