who would you nominate?

My picks:

Most Outstanding Player: Fred Stamps
Most Outstanding Defensive Player: Rod Davis I guess
Most Outstanding Special Teams Player: Kelly Campbell but I could be swayed
Most Outstanding Canadian: I really don't know, how about Bertrand
Most Outstanding Rookie: Weldon Brown is the only rookie I can think of

Am I missing any?
What do you guys think

If this is a joke, then it's awesome! "Special" teams, indeed. :lol: :lol:

So true! :lol:

I would've said Pre for the ST nod, but now... it'll be one of our cover guys.

I'll agree with Stamps
For outstanding defensive player, it's either Rod Davis or Chris Thompson
Special teams, how about St. Pierre?
Canadian is tough I agree, so may as well be Bertrand
Can't say about rookie. . .does Jason Barnes qualify?

I like those picksfor ST, OP and D...
I also like SeanMac's idea of Weldon Brown. When you don't hear a dbs name very often chances are he's doing his job.

Cdn could be McCarty, could be Kabongo... Glatt?

Pretty sure Barnes doesn't qualify as a rookie...
Porter is a Rook, but hasn't seen enough action for the nod.
How about Wojt who has moved into the starting RT role?

edit--- scratch Wojt, he's in his 2nd year. Confirmed that Barnes is in his second year (he was in TC last year battling with Efrem Hill).

Yeah, I could've swore Barnes finished last season with us. I remember people talking about him.

I agree about Davis and Thompson, and you could probably throw TJ Hill's name in there, too... 83 tackles, 3 sacks, 3 picks, and 2 fumbles.

Canadian is tough. We don't have a lot of stand-out Canadians, and two of them (Talbot and Peterson) have been injured too much, and McCarty isn't really being used.

Not a joke, I thought he’s done well on punt returns. I believe he’s been our best punt returner when used. St. Pierre is a good choice I hadn’t considered. I would have gone with Pre if he still played with us.

I would pick "The Accountability Board " It won more games for the Esks then anyone else did, didn't get injured, took no cap space, and let all the players know who Kelly Campbell was. :lol: :lol: :lol: