... and would you like to see them trade to move up? or to get another pick?

In all honesty, I'd like them to pick someone that still has CIS or NCAA eligibility, because given the current Canadian contingent, storing a Canadian rookie prospect on the 46 man roster will not be easy. In a couple of years, it is likely that Geno, O'Day, Szarka, Hughes and possibly Schultz are all done, and we'll have a little more room.

No pressing need to trade up or obtain another pick, but if any team makes the right offer, never say never. On my wish list is either a RB/FB or a LB and then maybe a DB. And taking the best available player, regardless of position works for me. So a guy like Jamal Lee is for sure if he somehow makes his way to the 9 spot, but I doubt it. Eric Lee maybe should be on the radar. Tristan Black if he is available, but again, nt likely. Tamon George seems a natural fit. We could use another DB and he should actually be available at number 9. Can't see the Riders taking a pass on him if he is there. Assuming the first 8 go as predicted.

And for sure Artie. I think taking a guy like Lee who is under contract, or a kid with college eligibility is usually the best anyway if it means you get the best player.

I agree with u Arius, i say we take the best player no matter the position

i'm with you Arius, take George, if available