Who would you Like to See QB for 07

Lets turn it to you. If you were the GM of Hamilton who would you go out and get. I dont see Jason Maas Staying in Hamilton For Much longer. If Ottawa comes back next season i think they've found there new QB. Who should be Hamiltons QB next season?

doug fluie

I 'd like a tandem at QB.


Joe Zuger!

Printers if available

Buck Pierce.

Printers signs in BC and we trade Jesse Lumsden for Bucko!!!#16 :cowboy:

Anyone But Maas

no one BUT Maas-

8) BOZO the clown. He'd fit right in here perfectly !!!! :lol:

I'm more concerned about who will steer the ship for the rest of this season.

Maas needs to recover and then be given another shot in 07. He threw for over five thousand yards a couple years ago. Why can't he do it again here?

Maas is our QB, but he needs about three games off to get healthy. Put Williams in there in the meantime. That kid might actually make a game interesting (we won't win, but it will be fun to watch at least).

I know I been on Jason alot..
But I Think He's Shell Shocked..
Missing Home and Family..

I don't Think He Ever Recover Staying in Hamilton..

16 Pierce, Buck QB I 6.01 210 1981-11-15 New Mexico State .
Trade for this guy,if possible some day ...ok he's not available now,but he's young and good.

why are you guys even wasting time and words even talking about the tiger cats NEWSFLASH THEY SUCK!!!!

Bombers:putting the Win in Winnipeg
Hamilton: Putting the Ha! in Hamilton!!

Bombers=2006 CHAMPS

Hamilton is the worst city in Canada i feel bad for all the Tigercats who have to stay there!!! I honestly feel bad for them. They have to like in that shit hole!

Hey Bomber 85,....
Do your talking after the Argos game next week,you lose ,their D will rock little #1....

and we beat your sorry a$$ team at home,

beat it you blue bummer reject.

A son of the moon

Does he have one??

I assume at best you've been to 1 Ti-Cat game travelling through the industrial North-end to get to the stadium...

I'd also guess you haven't been privy to the many conservation areas, the RBG, McMaster University, Westdale community... Ancaster, the Dundas valley, Battlefield park, Hess villiage, the mountain burbs or the scenic escarpment that hugs our city tight...

I'd rather have Hamilton's blue-collared character & unique geography... beats the heck outta these sprawl developments where every intersection has just another flat paved ficticious commercial center with the same Montana's, Starcucks, McDonalds & Silver City Famous players...

Our football team sucks... not this city...

I'm sure the players are in places where, for the most part, they probably enjoy themselves just like anywhere else & having gone to school in downtown Torotno, yes, the air quality is better in Hamitlon on almost any given day.

Bombers 85 grow up and talk football not city bashing!!!(’:roll:’)