Who would you like to see play in the CFL's Grey Cup halftime Show?

I wouldn't get them to play the Grey Cup half-time show. Didn't the Pikes play on TSN's Thursday Night Concert series last year and never played the full 3 song set. They played 2 songs from their new album that they were promoting and ended their show quickly. And when the interviewer asked them why they only played 2 songs, they laughed at her

no no more ac/dc !
i am not a country music fan but was very pleased to see shania at 1/2 time during ottawa GC


What!!! C'mon "Rock An Roll Ain't Noise Pollution". Did you see the AC/DC perform at 2015 Grammy's where evert musical act from Rap, Pop and Country(even Blake Shelton rose from his seat to rock out on the band) applauded their 2 song set. They gave AC/DC a standing ovation

i have been to many argos games w/ ac/dc blaring thru the stadium speakers
please no more ac/dc, nickelback, rush

Arkells wouldn’t be a bad choice if you wanted to go with a Canadian act. I’d love to see Foo Fighters or Green Day also. They might have enough younger fans to draw in some eyeballs without alienating the current crop of older, classic rock type of fans.

But as someone mentioned these things are meant more for the casual/young fans to draw in
bigger TV numbers. So maybe seek out Drake or the Weekend, even hit up Bieber again. If these guys aren’t your cup of tea, then it’s a good chance to get to the washroom, either at home or in the stands😀

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Fall Out Boy Put on a good show a couple years ago and they have sone new music, I’m biased being from Chicago but they are a pretty big name

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How about STYX. They are from Chicago and they have a Canadian leader singer in Lawrence Gowan. "Renegade" is an awesome rock tune

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Trews, Sheepdogs, Arkells, Monster Truck, these are the types of performers that will be best suited.

Drake wouldn't be caught dead playing at the boomerball Grey Cup.

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Send Pinball to have a word with him.

WiL might be cool

Works for me. I wouldn't be caught dead at a Drake concert. :grinning:


I would like to see a quick draw contest. Did ya know there is actually people who enter and win these things regularly?

I'd like to see them move away from musical acts. When bands have to perform outdoors in late November, they're often not at their best. I'd rather the league move away from something that too often comes off as a cheap version of what the NFL does at the Superbowl.

Having said that, I'm not sure what a great replacement would be . . . sorry, FYB, I don't think quick-draw contests would do the trick. :slightly_smiling_face:

Metallica always gets overlooked for the Super Bowl. I'm sure they would love to play the Grey Cup.


how about a ping pong tournament?


how about they bring in an under 15 AFL team from Australia to play an abbreviated AFL exhibition

Styx is a great choice and they’re in the R&R HOF

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Yep would love :heart: to see Metallica play at the Cup

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C'mon, the late Prince played in a Florida downpour in high heels and rocked the joint at the Superbore. The Guess Who toughed it out in freezing conditions at one Grey Cup. Keith Urban pulled it off and didn't complain. I thought that was so cool(no pun intend). it's all about the music in end.